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Fathers4Justice responsible for defacing portrait of Queen


The original photo before damage. Credit: ITV News

In an official statement made by Fathers4Justice, Campaign Director Jolly Stanesby has said, “We understand that a desperate father belonging to Fathers4Justice has attempted to write the word ‘help’ on a portrait of the Queen in Westminster Abbey at lunchtime. [The father] was trying to petition the Queen for help before Father’s Day on Sunday. Up to 4 million children will be without a father this Father’s Day… [The man responsible] has lost all contact with his children and felt he had nothing to lose by appealing directly to the Queen for help by spraying his plea onto her portrait.”

Campaign group Fathers4Justice said one of its members is responsible for damaging a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, publishing the above photo on their Facebook page. This has been linked to a “Father’s Day protest,” ITV reports. A spokesperson for the group has said this was not an “official protest” and has stressed that the group itself has not taken responsibility for the crime, simply some of their members. The 41-year-old man, alledgedly reported to be a father from Doncaster, who has been arrested on suspicion of damaging the portrait is still in custody.

BBC News confirmed earlier that a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has been defaced with paint. The portrait, which was hung in the Chapter House part of Westminster Abbey, was damaged during lunchtime today.

“In an incident at lunchtime today, a visitor to the Abbey sprayed paint on the Ralph Heimans portrait of the Queen presently on display in the Chapter House,” said an Abbey spokesperson. “Until work can be done to remedy the damage it will, very regrettably, not be possible to have the painting on public view.”

As BBC’s Peter Hunt reports, Buckingham Palace will not be making any comment on the situation.


Credit: Facebook/Fathers4Justice

  • StephanieFagan

    What is WRONG with people? This is appalling.

    • SomethingForEverybody

      This woman lives in luxury while some people in this country struggle to feed themselves and their children, me included. How then is it appalling that a painting that cost more than an average person could ever hope to earn in a year.. maybe more.. that it is defaced? Are you so socially ignorant that you can’t see that people are angry with the rich cunts that keep us down?! The only thing appalling about this is that the money didn’t go to help homeless and poor people and went on a narcissistic painting of a woman who doesn’t know the first thing about the people she supposedly “rules”.

  • wendy1972

    So he thinks committing a crime is going to help him see his children? Possibly not the sharpest tool in the box.

    • scum

      No you fool he’s making a statement against those who oppress him.. jeez.. the middle classes get dumber every day.

      • wendy1972

        Wow, middle class, I’ve been promoted, thank you so much! And here was me thinking I was a working class fool 😉 All this man has done is get himself charged with an offence, giving more ammunition to the mother of his children. Defacing a painting of the Queen isn’t making a statement against those who oppress him since neither the artist nor the Queen have done so. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathise hugely with fathers who have difficulty seeing their children as my brother went through the same. I think both parents should have equal rights in cases like this. But defacing a painting is not really going to help. It’s already yesterday’s news and all he’s been left with is a criminal record.

  • DT

    Fathers 4 Justice!!

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    This Case of Graffiti earns no respect in this part of the world. Should a Person Deface Her Majesty The Queen due to His Personal Problems is no way of solving a problem or Defacing any Property in Public which will Gain no Power or Privilege in the West. This Criminal Does not understand there are people in 3rd World living with NO Food, Clean Water, Shelter, No Jobs, Diseases without Medication,Civil War and No Freedoms. This is the Most Beautiful Picture taken before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Her Grandeur and Peaceful Surroundings. This Truly is a Travesty.

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