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Peter Phillips discusses his grandmother The Queen on ITV


While he was on the show ITV’s Daybreak to discuss his work organizing the Global Champions Tour four-day equestrian event starting Thursday in London, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest grand-child Peter Phillips took a moment to discuss his well-loved and famous grandmother.

Most notably he told the public not to be surprised if the Queen and her husband give the ‘odd engagement’ a miss due to their increasing age.

Phillips was asked if his grandfather was well after it was revealed the elderly Prince was feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ following the events the day before.

He replied: ‘Yes, but you also have got to remember his age, both of their ages, you know… what they do at their age – they do a lot more than most other pensioners of their equivalent age so… if occasionally there is the odd engagement cancelled, it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, given the workload that they do have.’

Mr. Phillips, 35, said he was ‘hugely proud’ of his 87-year-old grandmother, describing her as a ‘great inspiration’ to the country.

He said the Abbey service had been ‘fantastic’, and imbued with a ‘real sense of history.’

‘She is a great role model, she always has been. She has been an inspiration to all of us and it is by us being able to attend these events that we show our support and continuing support for her, and also the Duke of Edinburgh for everything that they have done and everything that they continue to do, not only for this country but also us as a family,’ he said.

Mr. Phillips then returned to the Global Champions Tour event which is being held in the International Quarter, adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London. Among those who are scheduled to appear are GB gold medalist show jumpers Nick Skelton and Ben Maher.

Peter Phillips is the son of Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter; his mother and sister Zara have both competed in the Olympics, with Zara winning silver.

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