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New Zealand’s PM John Key has ‘wonderful’ weekend with The Queen at Balmoral

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key has described his weekend with The Queen at Balmoral as “wonderful”.

“My family and I spent the weekend with Her Majesty, The Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland,” John said on his official Twitter account. “We had a wonderful time.”

The Prime Minister and his family spent the weekend with the Queen at the Scottish estate and revealed he had enjoyed an “extraordinary experience” with the royals.


PM John Key has revealed he had a “wonderful” time with the Royal Family at Balmoral this weekend. Photo: Twitter/John Key.

“We had a fantastic weekend where we were invited in as guests in their family, private time,” John told reporters.

The family were certainly entertained as John played golf, losing on the final hole, and Son Max was part of a shooting party, while daughter Stephanie went hiking.

The Queen took time to personally drive the family around the estate and the prime minister even got to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eight-week-old son Prince George.

“He’s a very sweet, bonny little baby,” he said.

The Prime Minister also took the time to praise The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s busy schedule, saying: “They are extremely active.”

He added that the Duke was “in remarkably good health” despite undergoing surgery earlier this year.

As gifts to the royals, John gave the 87-year-old monarch a blue pearl brooch from a Christchurch company and a case of New Zealand wines, while Prince Philip received a bottle of Shackleton’s Whiskey.

The New Zealand politician also explained the weekend has given him and The Queen a chance to discuss important issues.

“Also an opportunity obviously to give an update to the Queen about what was happening in New Zealand, we had an audience with her that lasted round about an hour.

“A very wide ranging discussion really from everything that was happening in Syria right through to domestic issue in New Zealand.”

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