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New York Mint Release Exclusive Coins to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Elizabeth II’s Coronation


The Queen’s Coronation Anniversary 2013 UK £5 Coin. Photo: © The Royal Mint Limited 2013

On 2 June 1953, at only 27 years old, Elizabeth II was crowned after ascending to the throne due to the passing of her father, King George VI, thus beginning her reign as the second longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.


The Queen’s Coronation Anniversary 2013 UK £5 Gold Plated Silver Coin. Photo: © The Royal Mint Limited 2013

To commemorate this occasion, The Royal Mint has designated New York Mint as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Elizabeth II’s Coronation commemorative coins.  Said coins include the 2013 Kilo Silver Coronation Proof (99.99% fine silver), 2013 3 oz. Platinum Piedfort Coronation Proof (99.95% fine platinum), 2013 5 oz. Gold and Silver Proofs (99.99% fine gold and silver), 2013 4-coin Royal Piedfort Portrait Proof Sets (92.5% fine silver), 2013 4-coin Gold Royal Portrait Proof Sets (91.7% fine gold) and 2013 4-coin Silver Royal Portraits NGC Proof 70 Sets (92.5% fine silver).

The Royal Mint is the official mint of the United Kingdom and has been working with New York Mint for over 20 years.  This isn’t the first historical program the companies have teamed up for: In 2012, New York Mint became the exclusive U.S. distributor for the 2012 Olympic Games coin program.  “New York Mint has had the pleasure of working with The Royal Mint for over 20 years allowing U.S. coin collectors an opportunity to own coinage from this world renowned Mint,” said New York President Bill Gale.  “We are thrilled to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne alongside The Royal Mint and exclusively offer U.S. coin collectors an opportunity to own the First Strikes of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Anniversary Coronation and a part of history.”

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The Queen’s Portrait Set Silver Proof 4 Coin. Photo: © The Royal Mint Limited 2013


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