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New portrait of The Queen unveiled by Scottish National Portrait Gallery

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery unveiled a portrait of The Queen on Tuesday. The photograph, taken by prominent Scottish photographer Harry Benson CBE shows Her Majesty in the private study at Buckingham Palace where she conducts her weekly with the Prime Minister.

The Queen by Harry Benson, 2014

In the photograph, Her Majesty is wearing a gold and diamond brooch featuring thistles, Scotland’s national emblem.

Born in Glasgow, Harry Benson started his career on Fleet Street at the Daily Sketch and the Daily Express, He has been a photographer for LIFE magazine and Vanity Fair. Mr Benson has photographed everyone from The Beatles to every United States President since Dwight Eisenhower.

On the commission, Mr Benson said, “to have been asked by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery to photograph Her Majesty The Queen for an official portrait is truly a highlight of my career.

“I first photographed Her Majesty in Scotland opening a coal mine in 1957, and thereafter visiting towns in Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the Western Highlands, and later in London at the opening of Parliament … It was always an honour and a privilege, but the most memorable was when I had the opportunity to take an official portrait in Buckingham Palace for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.”

The Queen’s portrait is the most replicated of any person in history, adorning stamps, banknotes and coins not just in the UK but in 15 other countries in the world too.

“I was given the opportunity of selecting the colour and dress that The Queen would wear for the portrait. My teachers at the Eastwood School in Glasgow would be amazed,” Mr Benson concluded.

The Queen is currently residing in Scotland for the traditional Holyrood Week where she performs a week of engagements with a Scottish theme whilst in residence at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. On Thursday, Her Majesty will be joined by the Duke of Edinburgh and other royals in Edinburgh for the Order of the Thistle service, held every two years. The Queen’s week will conclude on Friday with the naming of the HMS Queen Elizabeth in Fife.

Her Majesty’s latest portrait will go on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Scotland for visitors to view.

“We are delighted with this new portrait, which is the first the Scottish National Portrait Gallery has commissioned of The Queen,” Christopher Baker, Director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, commented.

Photo courtesy of Harry Benson – © Harry Benson Ltd

  • Russell ray Lewis

    Nice picture

  • Tahira Nawaz

    Very decent portrait of Her Majesty.

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    I deeply feel that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has a lot on Her Mind. She really has a
    “Full Plate” to worry and Reflect on Day to Day work. She seems at ease but what is she thinking all the Time. Her British Royal Family is there to give Full Positive Assurance and Back Up. But what do the Public See Her As?
    This Portrait is Taken in a Way that Reflects what I think is Her Accomplishments in Life of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery by “Christopher Baker” Director of The Gallery.
    He has given a Glimpse that not all the Time can we see Her Majesty or any Person always smiling and happy.
    They are in deep thought of what the Next Situation, the Next Moment, Work, Talking to People in Daily activities and even realizing if they had done or felt Pain against someone who had hurt their feeling of them or Loved ones.
    My Wish For Her Majesty is Just Keep Peace in Her Mind and Take each Moment as it happens. And it might be to get ready for something to Happen as a Result of a Situation.
    This Scottish Portrait Leaves me these Feeling in my Heart of Love for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by “Christopher Baker” Director of Scottish Gallery.
    Thank You Cindy Stockman, Deputy Editor.

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