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New historic photograph released of The Queen and Prince Charles

Clarence House has released a historic photograph of The Queen with her eldest child by her side to mark the end of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday year.

The stunning image was taken by photographer Nick Knight at Windsor Castle earlier in the year and depicts The Queen sat beside the Prince of Wales who is standing above her.

This is one of many photographs of the monarch that has been released this year to celebrate the occasion of her 90th birthday.

In April, three photographs taken by American photographer Annie Leibovitz were released.

One of the three photographs shows the 90-year-old monarch posing for the camera with two of her grandchildren and her five great-grandchildren. Her Majesty is seated in the photo with Princess Charlotte sat on her lap surrounded by the other children.

Another of the photos shows The Queen sat with her daughter, Princess Anne, on a sofa as they both smile to the camera. The Princess Royal embraces her mother, as she places her arm around her back.

The third photograph shows The Queen posing for a portrait on a walk around the private grounds of Windsor Castle on steps at the rear of the East Terrace and East Garden, accompanied by her two corgis Willow and Holly and two dorgis Candy and Vulcan.

What do you think of the new photograph released today? Let us know by commenting below:


  • Alvia Antoniades

    Stunning photograph!

  • CP

    Why does it feel like they photo shopped the queen? and maybe the prince’s arm behind her?
    Initial impression is a lovely photo, though I thought it was Prince Philip at first….Sorry maybe the weather is making me hyper critical….

    • Cinn

      It looks as though they masked around the queen and lightened the area, giving her a halo effect. Subtle, but effective, I think.

    • Truegrit

      Yes, I thought he looked like Prince Philip, too!

      • Angela Frost

        Well, Charles is Philip’s son, so one would expect to see a huge resemblance!

  • Jonathan Keys

    Its very Victorian in its pose, Where as the Queen’s look towards the lens suggests interest with the intended viewer as the princes gaze towards the monarch suggests loyalty and devotion. I like it…

  • redbirdll

    She has been Queen all my life. I adore her. Charles is another story. God save the Queen.

  • bearzy123

    Charles is thinking……. ” I just can’t wait to be king”

  • Kate Davis

    Looks like bulldog is the next big wig . Charles King.

  • S. Lynn

    The Queen, steadfast and stoic, the Prince exhibiting his affection and admiration for Her Majesty. I love this photo.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    May HM live as long as her lovely Mother.

    • Angela Frost

      As long as HIS Mother!!!!

    • Angela Frost

      Sorry, of course you were talking about the Queen Mother weren’t you!! My Mistake!

      • Lee44444

        Thrown? lol Again, go crawl back under your rock. Why did your parents not care to raise you better, honey?

  • Lesley Colomb Jones

    Looks photoshopped

  • Tad Saranczak

    I believe in Her Majesty instinct .

  • Tujags

    A slight smile wouldn’t hurt, eyes are smiling but mouth isn’t.

  • Jane

    I love it

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