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New drama series about The Queen being written

medium_7205375640A new drama series focusing on The Queen’s reign, estimated to cost £100 million, is currently being written by Peter Morgan, who previously wrote the BAFTA and Oscar award-winning film The Queen, starring Helen Mirren.

The series will be called The Crown and is set to be more than 20 hours long. Stephen Daldry, who directed Peter Morgan’s theatre production of The Audience which Helen Mirren played Her Majesty for a second time, will help guide the making of the first few episodes of the new series.

The Crown will begin in 1947, with the marriage between the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The series will then document the political and social issues that the monarchy has faced throughout The Queen’s reign, alongside the Royal family’s private matters.

The casting for the series is set to take months. It has been suggested that at least three actresses will be cast to play Her Majesty throughout the more than six decades she has reigned. One film and television executive with links to The Crown has said: “There will be hundreds and hundreds of roles to be cast, from prime ministers to international leaders such as the U.S. presidents she has met”.

The executive also suggested that Nelson Mandela may be written into the series and continued to state: “And don’t forget Prince Philip. That’s going to be a huge role for an actor, or more likely several”.

Both the BBC and ITV battled to secure the broadcasting rights for the television series. However, internet streaming company Netflix have been successful in gaining the rights to the series and will soon sign a deal to secure the premiere of it in the UK and to audiences across the world. It will now be down to UK broadcasters to negotiate who can secure permission to broadcast the series after Netflix has finished showing it.

The series is set to be broadcasted at some point in 2016.

Photo credit: Michael Garnett via photopin cc

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