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New £5 coin released to mark Queen’s 90th birthday

The Queen’s 90th birthday is a unique occasion that will be celebrated in more than one way across the country.

And for the Royal Mint, nothing could be more fitting than releasing a commemorative £5 coin ahead of the landmark day on 21 April.

The silver coin, approved personally by Her Majesty, was designed by the renowned artist and sculptor Christopher Hobbs. One side of the coin features a wreath of nine roses- one for each decade of her life- surrounding the Queen’s cypher ‘EIIR.’ The design was described as ‘’feminine floral.’’

Hobbs explained the reason behind opting for roses in the build-up to the design.

“My design for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday coin collection was inspired by the heraldic rose and the Queen’s love of flowers.

“The central ‘EIIR’ is surrounded by a classical wreath of celebration. I have tried to make the roses more natural than heraldic, each one different from the other.”

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint

The Queen’s age is documented with an inscribed number 90 in the centre. A classical wreath of celebratory leaves with four points are meant to represent the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Jody Clark’s fifth definitive coinage portrait of the monarch dominates the other side of the coin. The portrait, a side profile of the Queen wearing a crown and drop earring, was unveiled last month.

The £5 piece is issued in a variety of finishes and metals, including editions struck in high-quality ‘’proof’’ finish in platinum and gold. Prices range from £20 to £5,000.

Ninety coins will also be given away to 90 people who share their 90th birthday with the Queen.

The Royal Mint has produced a range of coins to commemorate different occasions and milestones. A special £50 coin was struck to celebrate the sovereign’s longest reign back in December, while her 70th and 80th birthdays were also observed in the same way.

photo credits: the Royal Mint

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