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More tickets available for The Queen’s birthday picnic

Yet another chance to become part of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations has opened up, as twice as many tickets are now available to the public for Her Majesty’s birthday picnic.

The original 1,000 tickets for The Patron’s Lunch has now double to 2,000 tickets on offer through a public ballot.

The organisers, headed by the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips, had first said “at least 1,000” tickets for the public at a cost of £150-per-head would be available with a further 9,000 open to the approximately 600 charities of which the Queen is Patron.

The Telegraph reached out to a spokesperson for Mr Phillips, but he denied that more public tickets being released meant that charities weren’t ready to dish out the £150 cost. Instead, they claimed that the newly released tickets were kept as a “contingency” and that it was now decided to sell to the public.

If you are luckily enough to have your name drawn from the ballot, for £150 you will gain a seat at a table in The Mall on June 12 and enjoy a hamper-style lunch by Marks & Spencer. Entertainment will be provided by carnival acts throughout the afternoon.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh will watch the spectacle from a specially built platform on the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, although they won’t dine on the same picnic food.

After the announcement of the price of tickets, some were shocked by the price, though most have pointed out that £150 is the normal price for a seat at a fundraising lunch or dinner.

It was added that if the Patrons Organisations had not taken up their full allocation by March 31, more than 2,000 tickets will be for the public.

The spokesperson said: “We have always held back a contingency of the total tickets and after the Patrons Organisations, the public are the most important audience for this event and so we have decided to release that contingency now.”

The ballot opened on Thursday and will close at one minute to midnight on March 31. Only UK residents can apply and applications can be for one or two tickets.

To apply go to

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