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Labour’s Jacinda Ardern to become The Queen’s 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern is set to become The Queen’s 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand after successfully forming a centre-left coalition government.

The Labour MP, who is known for her anti-monarchy views, has been Leader of the Opposition since the summer.

The 37-year-old will be the country’s youngest prime minister since 1856.

The Labour Party came second in September’s election. However, no party was able to secure an overall majority.

Ms Ardern’s party has, however, successfully formed a coalition with the New Zealand First party and the Green Party.

It was thought that the New Zealand National Party, led by incumbent Prime Minister Bill English would be the first to form a coalition, but this is not the case.became Prime Minister of New Zealand in December 2016

Mr English’s premiership has lasted for less than a year. He became Prime Minister of New Zealand in December 2016 following the resignation of John Key.

The PM-in-waiting, Jacinda Ardern, has expressed republican tendencies in the past. Speaking to The Times, Ms Ardern said: “I am a republican, but you will find there are people in New Zealand who aren’t actively pursuing that change.

“It’s certainly not about my view of the monarchy but my view of New Zealand’s place in the world and carving out our own future. So that is what drives my sentiment.”

The Queen and the governmental system of Constitutional Monarchy are becoming less popular in New Zealand as the years go by. A poll conducted last year suggests 60 per cent of people favouring becoming a republic, rising to 76 per cent among those aged 18 to 30.

The poll showed that young people, in particular, were keen to cut ties with Britain, with 76 per cent of those between the ages of 18 to 30 wanting to become a republic.

However, Ms Ardern does say that the debate on whether to lose the Monarchy will be an uncomfortable situation.

She said: “No matter when you have the conversation there’s a knock-on effect, there’s a much-loved monarch who will be affected by that decision.”

  • John du Preez

    This call to hold a referendum on becoming a republic is deliberately designed to coincide with the UK leaving the EU. It might seem like she is trying to back-stab the Monarch, however everyone knows that a referendum on whether or not to become a republic is guaranteed to fail.

    This new Prime Minister only wants to show the world that New Zealand is now entirely aligned with the UK after they have left the EU – which will deal a blow the the European Union elitists.

    This very same course of action is unraveling here in Australia with our Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition pledging to also hold a republican referendum in Australia which is also guaranteed to fail, but is designed to once again show the EU who Australia is truly aligned with !

    • hyufd

      Australia voted by a 10% margin for the monarchy in 1999, overturning early poll leads for Republicans and I expect New Zealand would be the same especially after they voted to keep their current flag.

      • Neil

        I reckon the flag ref. result was just a reaction to Key’s unpopularity at the time !

  • ChrisDC

    Speaking as an American, please ignore this if you feel it’s not my place to comment. I’m likely to agree with you on that point, especially since the U.S. is not a monarchy, nor would I support the establishment of one here. Still, as a political professional, I think the incoming Prime Minister has judged the situation correctly. The ideological debate between monarchy v. republic would, at this time, be clouded because of the personal implications it would have for a highly respected person, the current monarch, for whom a great many people in New Zealand have acquired a great deal of fondness over a great many years. Very few people want to be rude to a very real person over a hypothetical question.

    Still, as an American, if a genie appeared and told me I could pick between a certain orange-skinned narcissistic egomaniacal sociopathic moron on the one hand, and Queen Elizabeth II as head-of-state under a system that would allow for a new election for head-of-government NOW, as opposed to watching this garbage go on for the next three years? Honestly? I’m not sure what my answer would be.

    • IstvanIN

      Amazing how a “moron” became a billionaire.

      • ChrisDC

        Cite a conviction, you rancid libelous idiot.

        • Sigi

          Oh poor ChrisDC likes Hillary’s kool-aid.

          Many criminals get away with things without conviction, and Killary Clinton is an excellent example.

          • ChrisDC

            Nah. I’ve just known her personally for twenty five years. And haven’t liked her for all of that time, by any means. You don’t know what you’re talking about but if you’ve got a provable allegation, go for it. Otherwise, you’re just smoke, mirrors, and, most likely a pimply faced geek who hasn’t showered in days wearing a wife-beater sitting in his Mom’s basement opining about stuff you know nothing about rather than getting a job. Here’s a hint: If you can smell you, everybody else can smell you, too.

          • Sigi

            Awww I didn’t realize I was talking to a preteen. I’m not upset by your juvenile rant,

    • Sigi

      Don’t APOLOGIZE for having a bloody opinion. This is an internet site. You don’t need a key or an apology. Especially not regarding the corrupt RF.

      • ChrisDC

        Fairly good President? OK, obviously you’re smoking something that should stay illegal.

        • Sigi

          True. I should have said DAMN GOOD PRESIDENT.

  • IstvanIN

    For New Zealand to become another faceless republic would be sad. Too many people are too quick to dump perfectly good traditions for the sake of change. And how in heaven’s name does having a monarch prevent new Zealand from carving out its own future? New Zealand is an independent nation over which the Queen reigns and does not rule.

    The world is filled with republics and few monarchies, why join the crowd? As a Jamaican monarchist once wrote in the Gleaner: The only reason the politicians want a republic is because the Queen holds the highest office in the land and it is the only one they can not steal”. Food for thought.

    • Sigi

      Traditions ? Of ridiculously worshiping so-called “royalty” ?
      At least a Republic could begin a tradition of self respect. Anyway, no one likes globalists.

      • IstvanIN

        Who worships royalty? And how does having a tradition that has been with New Zealand since its founding mean New Zealanders have no self-respect? a republic simply means another lying politician gets a job, no more, no less.

        • Sigi

          Your comment seemed so nostalgic about a “family” who isn’t even the right bloodline for the “throne” but a group of inbred,deeply corrupt German pretenders. Globalist sh*ts as well. At least with politicians you can vote…….

          • IstvanIN

            Cut the German crap, not only does the British Royal have plenty of British blood all the European Royal families have German blood, with the exception of, I believe, Serbia and Montenegro. End of discussion.

          • Sigi

            “End of discussion”, woo look who think’s they’re ROYAL !
            Ahhh, no. Princess Diana had more true “royal” lineage in her little finger than Jug Ears and his nasty German family. Cut it any way you want, the German “British” royals are indeed….crap.

      • Michael Jones

        As a New Zealander, I don’t mind the Royals.. I think Harry and William are nice geniune people. (Harry came last year, got into the Haka and NZ traditions) at the end of the day, they don’t have a say in NZ policies.. we’re completely independent as long as it isn’t a corrupt system, I don’t mind it. Having the crown also upholds citizen rights rather than a politican having the last say; when things do get dire. Labour government goal is to combat climate change and drop child poverty, I didn’t hear anything about a referendum during the election.

        • Sigi

          There are a lot of “nice” people in the world. Though I’d definitely argue if ANY of the RF are among them. The RF doesn’t need to be put on a pedestal and worshiped as “better”, bowed down to {literally} and live like parasites off taxpayers. The world could get along without them. Baldy is a 33 degree Freemason, associated with satanism. The RF are responsible for a lot of nasty things, including Diana’s death and the disappearance of school children in British Columbia. Read up.

        • Sigi

          And at least with politicians they can be voted OUT. And the RF is HIGHLY CORRUPT. They’re globalists. Do some research !

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