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Just what does The Queen spend her money on?

More and more interest on how The Queen and her family are funded and what they spend that money on has come into light with the £369 million Buckingham Palace renovation.

The work, which will begin next April, will be the largest refurbishment Buckingham Palace has been subject to in recent time. The Queen will remain in residence during the work – but will have to move bedrooms.

The work is being carried out because of aging cables, lead pipes, wiring and boilers that are of a substantial fire risk owing to their age. The government, nor indeed anybody, wants a repeat of the 1992 fire that gutted Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty was paid £40.1 million from the Sovereign Grant this year and another £13.9 million from other revenues like property rentals. The amount paid to The Queen through the Sovereign Grant is calculated by 15% of the amount the Crown Estate makes.

Each year the Sovereign Grant annual report is published with a detailed look at just everything the money goes towards. Below is a list from the lowest amount to the highest of how the money from the Sovereign Grant is divided.

£99,000 a year salary for the Earl of Peel, who is chairman of the Lord Chamberlain’s Committee

£209,000 severance packages for five employees, largest package was £50,000

£600,000 for Buckingham Palace renovation plans

£700,000 helicopter hanger at RAF Odiham

£700,000 for cleaning, laundry and other household chores

£1 million on postage and stationary-related costs

£1 million on car and train travel

£1.1 million on plane travel

£1.3 million for the new roof of the North Terrance of Windsor Castle. This was the single biggest item.

£1.4 million on food and drinks which includes the £80 a bottle of Pol Rodger champagne.

£1.6 million for Her Majesty’s 2015/16 gas and electricity bill

£1.7 million on helicopter travel

£2.6 million on technology systems for the household

£4 million on travel that covered the 3,000 official visits

£4.3 million for general property maintenance

And the largest portion of the Sovereign Grant is £19.5 for salaries of the 431 staff that The Queen employees.

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