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HM The Queen’s Finances To Be Investigated By Westminster Committee

It has just emerged that Her Majesty The Queen’s finances are to be investigated by a powerful Westminster Committee who will determine whether we, as taxpayers, are getting value for our money. The committee, called PAC or the Public Accounts Committee is now, for the first time, able to investigate royal finances due to a recent change in law.

The inquiry will look at every aspect of the Queen’s expenditure including the cost of transport, is likely to cause concern in Buckingham Palace because of the PAC’s reputation for grilling civil servants if it deems they have misused public funds.

Decisions on the scope and depth of the investigation will be decided next month when the National Audits Office has access to powers to investigate finances of Her Majesty.

There should, however, be nothing to worry about for the Royal Household and Her Majesty. The investigation is merely to see where the taxpayers’ money is going and just how much value is obtained.

The areas the committee is expected to research are transport costs including the Royal Train and the Royal Flight, as well as money spent on official entertaining and the upkeep of palaces.

Money given to members of the Royal Family who support the Queen will also be scrutinised while the committee may also want to examine whether Buckingham Palace is doing enough to raise money itself. Currently, most of the Queen’s residences are open to the public (at least for parts of the year) including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and even Her Majesty’s personal private residences Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle.

More is expected to be told on this matter next month when the committee get the ball rolling and decide what they’re to investigate.

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