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Historian claims the monarchy could be abolished within next 14 years

A historian has sensationally claimed that the UK monarchy will cease to exist by 2030 because the public would not like the Queen’s successors.

The claims made by Dr Anna Whitelock have been ridiculed by monarchists as ‘outlandish’ with around three quarters of the British population being pro-monarchy.

Dr Whitelock, a reader in modern history from the University of London, and director of The London Centre for Public History, made the claims just a couple of weeks before Her Majesty prepares to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Speaking to the Press Association, she said that the monarchy is on it’s last legs and support will plummet when Charles takes the throne.

She said: “I think there’ll be a discussion and a debate in a way that there hasn’t before.

“At the moment there is pretty great support for the Queen and the monarchy, but the problem is that is about the Queen and not about the monarchy.

“As the older generation who are generally more wedded to the monarchy die out, the question of the future of the monarchy will become even more pressing, and then potentially more critical voices will come to the fore.

“I would say by 2030 there will be definite louder clamours for the eradication of the monarchy. I can’t say that there won’t be a monarchy. I would definitely say that the monarchy – its purpose, what it’s about, will be questioned and challenged in a way that it hasn’t been before.”

The monarchy currently has a very high approval rating in the UK, with 80 per cent of people being in favour during the Diamond Jubilee Year of 2012.  Since 2012, support has averaged at around 73 per cent meaning three quarters of the population are pro-monarchy.

Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the claims made by Dr Whitelock.

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