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Her Majesty The Queen to visit Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Her Majesty The Queen is scheduled to visit the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland on Friday, 29th September, to attend the opening of the facility’s latest endeavour, the Robertson Family Roof Garden.

During the visit, The Queen will open the facility and will meet with Councillor Barney Crockett, Lord Provost and Lord Lieutenant for Aberdeen, many staff credited with having a hand in the production of the facility, former patients, and fundraisers. Her Majesty will also meet with project founder Reverend James Falconer. A prayer of dedication by Reverend Falconer will proceed Her Majesty’s revealing of a plaque to open the Robertson Family Roof Garden facility.

With undeniable benefits for human health, nature itself can harness amazing, comforting powers for many. Its ability to free the soul and brighten a day for even one suffering patient is worth it. Thus was the vision of Rev. James Falconer, a healthcare chaplain, whose daily experiences as of 2012 and numerous stories told him have led him to envision and produce an artificial haven of nature for ailing patients.

With reliance solely on fundraising from a various range of generous sources for production and maintenance, the latest technological ingenuity has cradled the production of a garden space in the heart of the campus infirmary, consisting of non-stop atmospheric conditions much like that of nature’s actual surroundings. Bringing nature to the patient, the space will consist of plant vegetation, lighting to mimic daylight, air, and even make-believe weather such as rain to provide a full-emersion experience for patients who cannot experience such natural luxuries otherwise.

The garden is available to both adults and children. No matter their circumstance or condition, everyone is welcome. It will remain a haven for all no matter if they are bound to a wheelchair or medical equipment of any kind. This opportunity opens up the once unattainable possibility for them to experience the nature of the world around them thanks to advancements in technology.

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