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Duchess of Cornwall stands in for The Queen at Sovereign’s Parade

On Friday, the Duchess of Cornwall represented The Queen at the Sovereign’s Parade in Sandhurst. It was the first time she has attended this prestigious ceremony in her stead.

This Parade marks the passing and raising of rank of Officer Cadets.

These Cadets have completed a Commissioning Course and have put in many hours of hard work. According to the Armed Forces, this day is the ‘grandest’ on the Sandhurst calendar. Friends, family members and other high-profile guest gather before Old College Square to observe the Cadets complete their final challenge. The Duchess of Cornwall awarded the top Officer Cadets with the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword and the Queen’s Medal.

There is a formal lunch and the Commissioning Ball to follow in the evening. At midnight, the newly appointed Second Lieutenants proudly display their new rank insignias.

Here is the speech that was given by the Duchess of Cornwall at this year’s Sovereign Parade.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

“We stand today at a place born of service, on a day born of pride and before representatives of an Army born of strength and who can deny that we will require these attributes in the coming years? This parade marks the handing of the baton to the next generation, to those few who accept the call to arms in the service of our Nation and in protection of all we hold dear. I have nothing but admiration for each one of you.

“In 1936, almost exactly eighty years to the day, my father walked up those famous steps to commence his commission in the Twelfth Lancers. Like many of you standing on parade today, he hoped for peace and a little adventure. But within three years he was amongst the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk; then with the Desert Rats facing Rommel’s Afrika Corps; and finally imprisoned in Spangenberg Castle as a Prisoner of War.

“Then, as now, the international order was challenged; then, as now, liberty was threatened – but then, and now once again, good men and women stood up in defiance to defend our Nation’s values.

“We come today not only to honour the legacy of our forebears and to celebrate the historic service of this Great British Army, but also to observe the oath which each of you has made: the same solemn pledge to serve, to lead and to protect.

“To those from overseas about to be commissioned, please remember that despite the geographic distances between us and the future passages of time and circumstance, Britain will continue to extend the hand of friendship. Each of you have represented your respective nations with distinction and will now return home strengthened by the experience gained at this famous military academy. And the relationship you forged here in adversity and high spirits will endure a lifetime and will serve you well in the uncertain future.

“Now speaking as an Army Officer’s daughter, may I say I sometimes think the unsung heroes are the families. It is a great pleasure to see so many of you here today. Your support this year will have been vital – the calm before the storm, one could say! I myself have shared your sense of trepidation about the future and felt your concerns about the well-being of your loved ones. But I know the Army family will support each of you in the same fashion as you have supported and encouraged those commissioning. Thank you all for your steadfast support.

“When I see so many young men and women standing immaculately on parade, I cannot help but believe that here are some who will confront trials as great as those faced by our forebears, who will rise courageously to the great challenges of the future and ensure that our values will not merely survive, but, indeed, prevail.

“I salute each of you, not just for your recent success, but for the successes to come in defending all that is great in Britain.”Da



  • Miranda

    I can’t believe they are going to let her be queen being the tacky mistress that split Di and Charles. The queen has lost her mind letting that happen. Prince William should be King to save the throne from the black eye that will give the royals . If she is going to be queen by breaking up a marriage .I’m glad I’m not British.


      Everyone has a past. Charles wanted to marry Camilla before he ever married Diana but the government would not allow the marriage. Royals,should be,allowed to make their own choices. I believe at least one Prince, who is married, is said to be a closeted gay. So sad in this day and age. Being a Royal, in some ways is like being in prison.

    • Jane

      get over it already

  • Diana Hockley

    Really, will all those who have never done something they’re ashamed of, please stand up? Charles and Diana were the greatest mismatch that could have ever happened. They were NEVER going to work, so GET OVER IT.

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