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Donald Trump’s love of the Royal Family could result in US becoming an ‘associate member’ of Commonwealth

After Donald Trump revealed that his mother was a huge fan of The Queen and that he too admires the Royal Family, The Royal Commonwealth Society is in the process of opening a branch in the United States.

According to The Telegraph, The Royal Commonwealth Society is hoping that the US will become an “associate member” – a plan that is backed by Her Majesty.

After Brexit, the Commonwealth is working to build their relationships in areas like trade and foreign policy.

Michael Lake, the director of The Royal Commonwealth Society, said: “The UK rather left this treasure in the attic, and forgot about it because people were so glued to Brussels,”

He continued to describe how the plans are being pushed through because of the “opportunity of a new president, and the slightly dangerous but great fun opportunity that the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ offered”.

A letter written by Lake was reportedly delivered to President Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon and followed up by Nigel Farage with other senior aides while in the United States.

Lake suggested that the US and the United Kingdom could “find imaginative ways” to work together and according to Farage’s aide, Andrew Wigmore, the response from the White House was “very positive”.

No formal confirmation for the US branch of The Royal Commonwealth Society has been made, but the work to establish a New York office has begun.

Lake is hoping that through his work, the Commonwealth will play a larger role in foreign policy.

“It has been very introspective, it needs to more extrovert,” he told The Telegraph. “In that sense, we have adopted a policy of getting branches of the Commonwealth in non-commonwealth countries.”

A branch of the society has been opened in Helsinki, as well as Dublin after The Queen visited Ireland.

“The Queen is our patron, and I see her from time to time, and she makes it clear to me that the Commonwealth is a priority to her,” Lake revealed.

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