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Donald Trump demands gold-plated carriage ride with The Queen during State Visit

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has demanded that he rides with The Queen in a gold-plated carriage when he undertakes a State Visit to the UK later this year.

According to The Times, President Trump wants to ride in a golden carriage along the Mall to Buckingham Palace with the monarch by his side.

Whether or not his request will be met is unknown, as are many details of the State Visit which is expected to take place in October this year.

When President Obama visited the UK on a State Visit, he chose not to ride in a carriage and instead opted for a low-key car.

Furthermore, some security experts say that a carriage is far less secure and leaves both The Queen and the President more prone to an attack than a bullet-proof car.

Speaking to The Times, a source said: “The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack like a low-level rocket grenade. If he’s in that vehicle he is incredibly well protected and on top of that it can travel at enormous speed. If he is in a golden coach being dragged up the Mall by a couple of horses, the risk factor is dramatically increased.

“There may well be protections in that coach such as bulletproof glass, but they are limited. In particular it is very flimsy,” the source added. “It would not be able to put up much resistance in the face of a rocket propelled grenade or high-powered ammunition. Armor-piercing rounds would make a very bad show of things.”

A date and itinerary have not yet been set for the upcoming State Visit. It will most certainly go ahead despite controversy and protests by leading public figures and politicians.

  • Carole Janish Wilson

    Talk about putting lipstick on a pig; Ala Sarah Palin! Hauling manure in a golden carriage!! Who demands such things?!

    • bearzy123

      Ass !

    • UF

      Is that what people say when they give you a ride? “I’m hauling manure in my ‘carriage'”?
      You REALLY believe the billionaire President of the United States DEMANDED anything from the Queen of England. Why? Are you easy or what? It’s the TIMES

    • edoep

      the manure demanded it, obviously 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Sidney Dorsett

    Fake news folks! It’s false!

  • bearzy123

    They did it for China’s president…so relax

    • MMSands

      What time of year? And did China’s President demand it, or was it offered? Big difference.

      • UF

        So you’re swallowing this? Really?

  • Teddie Pearson

    oh come on people fake news get a grip



    • liz

      you are really THAT ignorant ?? Pres Trump is more man & cares more about AMERICA then any politician..

      • MMSands

        You’ll believe anything, won’t you? Hey: I’ve got this bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you … Want to know the real Donald Trump and what his promises mean? Ask Scotland.

      • Carole Janish Wilson

        No, but you are!!! Never happen & as far as Trump being a man, that is too comical to think about!

        • UF

          More of a man than you are. (I think)

    • UF

      He is the President of the United States, leader of the free world; the most powerful nation in history on this Earth. He is a multi-billionaire; successful INTERNATIONAL (think Scotland) real estate developer. He is coming to the United Kingdom as that nation’s closest ally to engage in trade negotiations to benefit both nations and to demonstrate to the EU that Brexit was not a mistake but rather very good idea. Though very powerful as a figurehead, The Queen reigns over but does not rule the United Kingdom. The comments made by Speaker Bercow and others were slanderous, unsubstantiated and demeaning, not just to our President but to all those who support him and to the nation over which he “reigns” AND rules. Her Majesty has expressed her desire to meet the President. The President has expressed his enormous respect and affection for her in her own majestic person and as the symbol of our best friend in this world. The Prime Minister of Great Britain was received by the President and Mrs Trump at the White House with great ceremony and affection. We, the people of the United States, expect no less for our President who represents us. Anything less would be ungracious and therefore unlike Her Majesty and the good people of Great Britain. No one is being USED.

      • SuperJayne

        The golf course in Scotland is a loss leader, has created a tiny percentage of the jobs promised and faces on-going lawsuits for negative environmental impact on delicate coastal areas.

        • UF

          That may or may not be true. Environmental wackos impose their religious cult beliefs everywhere. They raise large sums of money and, after paying themselves hefty figures, employ alt-left extremist lawyers to tie up projects in judge-shopped courtrooms seeking to circumvent elected leaders whom they are unable to convince of the worth of their cause. In any event, Mr Trump tried. He invested. That’s something.

          • K

            How is caring about the environment suddenly a cult? Someone’s been drinking from the fountain of Trump’s BS. “Oh, Trump’s more of a man than you are (I think)” clearly proves how juvenile you are and also misinformed. Granted, you might not be as learned as some, and I won’t insult you for that. You’re obviously attempting to better educate yourself. Which I will commend you on. However, Republican talking points you listen to so often only misguide you with misinformation. Think of Republican’s as Scientologists. Who believe in Xenu, an intergalactic warlord trillions of years ago who eliminated an over populated planet by sending people in boxes to earth in DC 9 planes, dropping them into Earth’s volcanoes. Their spirits came out, festering inside the human species on Earth & forcibly made to watch tv monitors of false history & religions like Christianity. These spirits called thetans, are responsible for all the worlds problems, illnesses & weaknesses. Republican’s religion believes the whole world is a hoax. Humans created inside a computer machine by a giant living in outer space monitoring us 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, like a benevolent Santa Claus. Republican’s also believe that paradise is living in landfills. Republican’s believe in a reincarnated great dictator who will come again, to solve the world’s problems with a stroke of a pen & grabbing of women’s private areas.

          • UF

            And you consider yourself educated? All those conservative Christians about whom you so disrespectfully moan (educated?) are going to be shocked to learn they are Scientologists. I’ll wager Tom Cruise votes Democrat with most of the rest of the notoriously under educated Hollywood. To Christians, Santa Claus is a saint. To liberal Democrats he is a vote-seeking government-on-the-take. Have no clue where to go with those landfills. LOL. And speaking of the abuse of female naughty bits, do you suppose Bill Clinton will do as well now that “Her’ will never be president? Oh, and by the way, what the hell are you talking about?

      • Wayne Rogers

        When did HM The Queen ‘express her desire’ she wanted to meet with DJTrump ? A link please .

        • UF

          It was in a newspaper article shortly after the announcement that PM May was coming here and HM had extended an invitation. How would I remember the bloody link? You think people save those things?

          • Wayne Rogers

            You realise the invitation is done by the Queen on behalf of her PM and is not ‘personal’ she is performing her duty . I’m sure HM will do what is expected with grace and humility .

          • UF

            I do, in fact, know that. But the Queen is not without some discretion in the matter in terms of whether it is a state visit. She also can decide the nature of the itinerary. The guest is involved as well. That is what misleads about this. The itinerary is at its most preliminary stage. No doubt No 10 has communicated its wishes with the palace which now reviews. The President’s advance team is being advised. Certainly no demands have been made. It’s hardly likely the principals have yet been involved. Pres Trump is not a demanding man. And of course the Queen will do her duty and then some. This has been a hallmark of her long and successful reign

          • Ricky

            Then it must be fake news.

          • edoep

            and the link to this alleged newspaper article would be which one, please? if it ever existed, you can google it.

            believe me, i’m a programmer AKA “european snot” (as you like to call us), i know a few things about how to google ….

          • UF

            I suspect you know ONLY a few things. Let me get that for you …

          • edoep

            about googling, programming and the internet as such i do know A LOT MORE than you obviously do. my degree is from a US university ….

            and i do know some things about alt right trumpist trolls as well :-D.

            now simply post that that effin’ link for the content you claim to exist or beat it, back into trump’s derrière where you appear to be dwelling most of the time.

      • Chico Gonzalez

        Trump is shit and you are an idiot!!

        • UF

          Pound sand, loser

  • Brenda Slack

    just another BS story put about to stir up bad feeling. Isn’t there enough trouble in the world without inventing it?

  • Brenda Brockett

    Oh dear God! Does anyone really believe this baseless BS?

  • UF

    What a nonsense story. How typical of the Times. So Royal Central is an outlet for fake news. No one has “demanded” anything. This far out, Pres Trump has no clue what’s happening with this trip. He will be briefed as it approaches. People really believe a billionaire President of the most powerful nation in Earth’s history and leader of the free world is all agog by the idea of a ride in a state coach? Of course his security people will try to nix any such idea as will those for the Queen. But it will be close to summer when he’s there and he does enjoy seeing people and, like most US Presidents, he has a particular affection for the people of Great Britain. It appear this is a rather standard offer made to heads of state visiting the Queen in clement weather. As I recall, the President of Poland, Lech Walesa, rode in an open state coach while Her Majesty waited with the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor. She does not always ride in the coach. HM has expressed a desire to meet Mr Trump. Unlike Speaker Bercow and sundry members of Commons and Lords, Her Majesty knows how to treat a friend. PM May was received in the US with all the appropriate pomp and had a wonderful visit. Americans are always delighted to have a British PM visit and all the stops are pulled out. On those few occasions when we have had the honor of entertaining Her Majesty the Queen, no expense is spared. Pomp and ceremony is at its height. Americans turn out in droves to welcome them. This has been true since the first visit of a British monarch during the Franklin Roosevelt administration when Queen Elizabeth’s parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Washington to the applause of huge numbers and then made their way to Pres Roosevelt’s Hyde Park, NY mansion for, of all things, a cook-out. It is the first recorded time a British monarch ate American hot dogs. The President’s mother was horrified, his wife leery. FDR said the King would love them. FDR was right. Queen Elizabeth actually didn’t know what to make of them. Since then relations between the British monarch and the sitting President of the United States have always been excellent despite political fortunes in both nations. She even smoothed over the multiple faux pas of Ex-Pres Obama. The slander against our president is obscene. He is not a myiogynist, homophobe, racist, sexist or any kind of ‘obe or ‘ist. He is kind, generous to a fault and loves people. For some inexplicable reason – irrational hatred likely – he is judged by other’s words rather than by his deeds. Like him or no, he is the President of the United States. He comes to Great Britain to express his nation’s affection for our very best ally and closest friend. He comes with full intent of negotiating a generous trade deal which will benefit greatly both nations and, at the same time, signal the EU and the world that any notion of not trading with Great Britain post-Brexit is absurd. NO queues If people don’t want to see him, stay home, watch cartoons or soccer or “Keeping Up Appearances” and Monty Python reruns. Keep your blood pressure down. But we here expect our President, our elected leader, to be treated with that respect and courtesy. with which we always treat British royal and political leaders. Nothing less is acceptable. Anything less would demean the UK.

    • SuperJayne

      There is none so blind, as those who will not see.

      • UF

        Did you just make that up?

    • Ricky

      Mr Trump isn’t visiting the UK to show affection for the British people. Every American president receives an invitation from the government of the day, acting in Her Majesty’s name, early in their first term.

      Mr. Trump will receive the same official hospitality the Queen was obliged to extend to Nicolae Ceausescu (who slept in the Belgian Suite at Buckingham Palace with a loaded revolver under his pillow) when he made a visit as head of state of Romania.

      This visit is about protocol, not benevolence.

      • UF

        The invitation was extended very early by Her Majesty. It has been learned that Her Majesty has expressed interest in meeting him. He, for his part, has expressed his desire to meet with the Queen early in his presidency. He specifically wishes to bring his own good wishes and those of the American people. He was anxious to entertain Mrs May as soon as possible for the same reasons. Mr Trump is also anxious to engage in trade negotiations with the UK because they are a good thing and because he hopes they will demonstrate to others the benefits of such trading. The anti-Brexit alarmists threatened the UK would likely lose trade deals if it left the UK. In support of that view expressed by his friend David Cameron, Ex-Pres Obama spoke of Britain going to the “back of the queue” on trade. Pres Trump wishes to dispel that notion and send a clear message to the EU and others contemplating no trading w/ the UK that that idea is silly. There is no protocol that requires the Queen to invite the President of the United States. The government can have a non-state visit if it chooses. Given the slanderous abuse to which Pres Trump has been subjected in Parliment (particularly by that midget Bercow), he might well have been justified in declining an invitation. Benevolence is very much a part of this visit. And generosity of spirit. Some Americans – and I include myself – are not any too pleased about the unfair calumny to which our elected President has been subject. British might remember that in this country, our President is both head of government and HEAD of STATE. It is one thing to disagree with his policies. Personal abuse is unfair and unwelcome. We do not subject Her Majesty to such personal abuse. Now, Prince Charles …

        • Ricky

          Donald Trump is a con artist who captured the presidency on a technicality, and deserves all the bad press he gets, and more.

          You must be very young, very ill informed, or else you have some personal reason to make excuses for this embarrassment of a Commander In Chief who is spectacularly unfit for the office he holds.

          • UF

            Technicality? Really? Don’t know a whole lot about American elections, eh?
            I wish I were young. Very young is too much to hope for. I’m a lot older than you. Damn it.
            I am extremely well informed. Sometimes more than I wish I were.
            Nobody has to excuse Pres Trump. Nor deserve the media abuse he suffers daily from a disgraceful biased media that surrendered its integrity during the election in order to elect their candidate. She blew it. They’re angry. So they write the kind of gibberish you’re very good at.
            Paragraphs are a pain, are space consuming here. But thanks for the scholarly advice

          • Ricky

            How sad it is that reality has a liberal bias, and that the media has developed the nasty habit of reporting the facts.

            Whenever Trumpists see an article they don’t like, they just call it fake news and continue fellating the Orange Menace.

          • UF

            Your final comment demeans you.
            The media has a plethora of nasty habits. Not reporting at all is but one.

          • Ricky

            By making excuses for an immoral liar like Donald J. Trump, you had already demeaned yourself beyond redemption before I posted any comments below this article. By squandering your own credibility in this way, you forfeit any right to judge me.

            Your rebuke rings as hollow as the heart of the disgraceful man you continue to defend.

          • edoep

            “I’m a lot older than you. Damn it. ”

            are you just blaming beginning / advancing dementia for the rubbish in your postings?!?

          • UF

            Ouch. Cut to the quick. Sheath your (half) wit. You’ll do yourself a mischief.

          • edoep


          • edoep

            i do sincerely doubt that “UF” has any friends. or anybody who actually would upvote her/him.

            unless it was another braindead trump voter, of course.

    • edoep

      tldr ….. hi, ivanka!

      • UF


        • edoep

          yet true :-D.

  • KP

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, don’t be so bloody stupid!

  • Ricky

    I do hope Mr Trump isn’t expecting a ride in the Golden State Coach, which is only used for Coronations and Jubilee processions. Even Her Majesty has had only four rides in it (so far) in her life.

  • K

    Oh give me a break! Donald Trump is the biggest embarrassment to the United States. As if he’s going to get a gold plated carriage ride!

  • Rev. Andrew R Gentry

    oh please presidents don’t reign or rule read your bloody Constitution!

  • Miss big

    Trump need to stop being an arrogant cunt and be like a proper

  • nmfd72

    poppycock, he demanded no such thing. Fake News English style!!

  • Karen Baker

    Trump’s people claim this is untrue, but I wouldn’t put it past him He is such a pig. And I’m an American who is so ashamed of her people who elected this narcissistic, ignorant, pervert. Those voters are truly deplorable.

  • pppickle

    (A poem by Meredith A. Harvey, South Australia)

    Donald, Donald where have you been?
    I went over to London to visit the Queen

    Donald, Donald what happened there ?
    I made the Queen laugh so, she fell off her chair

    Donald, Donald how was that so?
    I wanted to ride in her gold coach you know

    Donald, Donald, what did they say?
    They said it won’t happen, so please go away

    Donald, Donald, what happened next?
    I Tweeted and Tweeted and got very vexed

    The Queen said to me, “Mr Trump, We believe
    a golf buggy made do, when Jerry and Rupert visited you…”
    and I had to agree, in fact, it was true

    So the gold coach was out and they wouldn’t give in
    The Duke merely guffawed and said “You’re a scream!”

    “We don’t give parades on just anyone’s whim.
    Will you take some more tea with your scones, jam and cream?”

    • Ricky

      It is said that a cat may look upon a Queen, but I hope HM’s staff will be watching in case a certain American kitty grabber tries to take any liberties while staying at Buckingham Palace.

  • Cynthia Williams

    For those who think this is “fake news”, you don’t know Donald nor understand is massive ego and narcissism. He can’t even spell Theresa May’s name correctly & recently gave a shout out to Luciano Pavarotti who has been DEAD since 2007!

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