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“Do you know The Queen?” Her Majesty jokes with tourists who didn’t recognise her

The Queen often walks around the grounds of Balmoral completely unnoticed because she doesn’t wear her tiara, according to a former royal protection officer.

Speaking to The Times, Richard Griffin said that she is so unrecognisable, a group of tourists once had a long chat with her, not knowing that they were speaking to The Monarch.

However, Mr Griffin said that The Queen did not want to blow her cover when talking to the tourists, so she played along.

The American tourists asked The Queen whether she lives locally. She simply responded that she lived nearby, not giving away that the lived in the huge Balmoral Castle they were stood beside.

The tourists also asked if she had met the Queen, whereby she pointed to her companion and said: “No, but he has.”

Her Majesty was not recognisable in her headscarf and wellington boots according to the former protection officer. The public are used to seeing her in a bright array of colours with large hats.

This news comes on the same day a soldier made another revelation about The Queen. He said that she often used to taste soldiers’ packed lunches before they ate them, to make sure they were ‘being looked after properly’.

The soldier said: “The Royal Family were so much fun to work for, they made all the soldiers feel at ease.

“One of Her Majesty’s priorities was looking after the welfare of the soldiers who were responsible for providing support for all events.

“She often tasted our packed lunches to check we were being properly looked after before we went out on hunting or fishing trips. She would come to the kitchen and inspect the sandwiches.

“Most were up to scratch, but if they weren’t, they’d be sent back.”

  • Frederic W. Dollery

    Like a true queen she cares about her people a true caring lady.

  • jjwspencer

    Then Her Majesty should observe her oath, and free us all from this appalling European Union

    • VikkiB

      Thats politics and Her Majesty has always said that she doesn’t interfere with politics, whether she agrees with a situation or not.

  • bearzy123

    Stupid tourists. Probably Americans…

    • VikkiB

      ERR, it does say they were Americans! Probably not good to call people stupid if you don’t bother to read the article properly.

    • Roseanne G

      I’m American and I am far from stupid. Stupid is saying insulting words to people you don’t know. I would of recognized the Queen. I’m not from England, but I love her and everything about her.

    • Michael Parisien Tennyson

      But not Canadians. I would able to recognize this lady in a heart beat.

    • robert

      As the story says, she was not in the usual pretty dress and big hat most people are accustomed in seeing. She was wearing a scarf and probably a mac and no makeup. It’s not surprising that people not very familiar with her would not know. I would because I am a huge fan of HM and have seen pictures of her in country attire. Not nice to call people stupid. At least they were polite.

  • Trisha

    I am from the U.S.A and hate it ! I would much rather be in England and have Her Majesty as my Queen !

    • Bev

      Why ? England is dying !

      • Base

        Mind trying living in a poorer country and then repeating it? 🙂

      • robert

        It most certainly is not. Where did you get that idea?

  • Adeline Van Dijk.

    HM seems a very down to earth person….Good on her.

  • Doug

    Is it too late to take her back as our sovereign ?

    • robert

      I’m afraid so. At this point, I don’t think they’d want us.

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