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Dan Llywelyn Hall Paints Queen’s 60th Anniversary Of Coronation Portrait For Welsh Rugby Union

Dan Llywelyn Hall has painted The Queen’s portrait for the 60th anniversary of her Coronation. He is the youngest artist ever to have been commissioned to paint Her Majesty.

The Welsh artist, 32 years of age, is the 133rd artist to have been commissioned to paint Her Majesty and is also the youngest. The portrait, which the Welsh Rugby Union commissioned to honour the 60th anniversary of the Coronation, will hang permanently at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

Painting the portrait was an “organic” task, Hall says: “I was stunned. It didn’t feel forced, which I wasn’t expecting.” Now that it’s done, he says he’s pleased with the painting.

“She was very open”, Hall says, “I was expecting this very professional person, but she was very personable and affable.”

He adds: “The Queen’s a great philosopher and really thinks hard about things. I wanted to elevate her as a subject, but at the same time penetrate through this very strong-willed individual who is dealing with a very lonely job.”

Her Majesty chose her own outfit for the portrait, something which Hall appreciated as he wanted to escape the “ornate trappings of who she is” and the pair discussed current affairs and Hall’s portraits of war veterans during their time together.

The portrait was painted with Her Majesty in the white drawing room at Windsor Castle.

Information Sourced: The Telegraph

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