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Dame Helen Mirren To Reveal Secrets Of Queen’s Appointments With Prime Ministers In New Play

It’s now been almost 7 years since the controversial film The Queen his our screens and now, Dame Helen Mirren and more well-known faces are to take to the stage to perform The Queen’s meetings with her Prime Ministers in front of thousands in a paying audience. 

The original film depicts the Monarchy’s struggle to understand what the people want and how various Prime Ministers have helped and been helped by the Monarch over her 60 year reign.

This new on stage play was announced a few months ago and now it has emerged that Helen Mirren is to meetings between Her Majesty The Queen and her Prime Ministers

The much anticipated play will reveal which Prime Ministers The Queen was closest to, the political audiences she dreaded and how Sir John Major played an unlikely role as marriage counsellor to the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Peter Morgan, writer of The Queen, disclosed that he had received guidance from several prime ministers who are still living.

He said that the play would depict “the predicament of being Sovereign” and offer “a complete picture of post-war Britain, politically and in the Royal family”. The dramatised meetings will portray both the political concerns of the day and the Queen’s own personal reflections during her 60-year reign.

Dame Helen, who is 67, will portray The Queen, who is now 86, from the time she acceded to the throne at the age of 25, through to the present day.

He added: “There may be corgis, depending on whether we can get them to behave.”

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