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Dame Helen Mirren Gushes About Princes William and Harry

Dame Helen Mirren, an Oscar-winning actress perhaps most famous for playing The Queen in a 2006 biopic called The Queen, recently spoke about Princes William and Harry on The Ellen Show.

“I’ve met Harry,” she told DeGeneres. “I’ve met the Queen, briefly. And I’ve met…Prince William. They’re both unbelievably charming, very straightforward, very charming, and a great credit to their father.”

Mirren has portrayed Queen Elizabeth on several occasions. In 2006, she played the monarch in The Queen, which examined the week after Diana, Princess of Wales’s death and how the monarchy responded to the traumatic incident. For her performance, she won the Oscar, the BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and a slew of critics awards.

In 2013, she again played Queen Elizabeth in Peter Morgan’s play, The Audience, which looks at the Queen’s meetings with her prime ministers from 1952 onward. She received an Olivier Award for her performance; and when the play moved to Broadway in 2015, she received a Tony Award as well.

Mirren told DeGeneres that she’d seen Prince William at an awards show.

“Prince William was presenting, and he knew that I was in the room and he said, ‘I’ve got to be really, really good because my granny is in the house.’ So, he kind of knew who I was.”

The Prince presented Mirren with the Fellowship Award at the BAFTAS in 2014, and noted that she was “an extremely talented British actress I should probably call Granny.”

When Mirren won the Oscar in 2007, she thanked The Queen saying, “She’s had her feet planted firmly on the ground, her hat on her head, her handbag on her arm and she’s weathered many, many storms. And I salute her courage and her consistency, and I thank her, because if it wasn’t for her, I most, most certainly would not be here.” Mirren also shot down speculation that when The Crown moves into present-day that she’ll take up the role of the Queen one more time. The hit Netflix series was created and written by The Queen and The Audience’s writer, Peter Morgan.

“I wanted to kind of get away from that,” she said. “I like to move forward, not back.”


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