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Coronation Anniversary Portraits Made From 5,500 Brits’ Pictures Displayed At Gatwick Airport

Two portraits of Her Majesty The Queen (one of her early in her reign, and one from recently) have gone on display at Gatwick Airport after they were commissioned by BBC South-East.

The portraits are known as 'The People's Monarch' and are on display at Gatwick Airport.

The portraits are known as ‘The People’s Monarch’ and are on display at Gatwick Airport.

The portraits are made up of the pictures of 5,500 Brits who submitted their pictures to the BBC earlier this year for the special portraits.

They’re on display at Pier 2, part of Gatwick airport’s South Terminal, which was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1958. They’ll be seen by thousands of visitors to the UK every day.

The portraits are just one in a series of national Coronation commemoration pieces setup across the country. Although celebrations for this year’s 60th anniversary of the Coronation are much less elaborate than the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, people are still interested, it seems, in commemorating the life and service over 60 years of ‘The People’s Monarch’.

Photo Credit: The BBC

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