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Royal Christmas At Sandringham – Live Blog

This Thursday, Her Majesty The Queen departed with Prince Philip from London to Sandringham House via train. This wasn’t the Royal Train but a standard, scheduled, First Great Western service to Sandringham, this has become standard practice over the last few years due to what the Royal Household are calling ‘cost cutting measures’. Because of the expense of running the Royal Train it has become more and more necessary for Her Majesty to take scheduled services. Even though she took a scheduled service, she did have the entire first class car booked for her, Prince Philip and her staff. Somehow, she managed to remain unnoticed for much of the platform crossings, despite the increase in Police presence and most people being swiftly ushered on.

Today, The Royal Family attended a traditional pre-Christmas Church service, all except The Queen who stayed off today with a cold, though The Palace are assuring everyone that it will be business as usual from hereon in.

This is a live blog so over the next few days, when various members of the Royal Family arrive or don’t arrive and various announcements and royal events or appearances occur, we’ll publish here to keep everyone up to date with this year’s Royal Christmas at Sandringham.


UPDATE: Tuesday 25 December – 11:58

The Royal Family have now attended the traditional Christmas Day gathering at Sandringham. The Queen was present despite missing Sunday’s Church service due to recovering from a cold.

Prince William, Catherine and Prince Harry were not present today, as was expected. William and Catherine are staying with the Middletons for Christmas this year and Prince Harry is serving as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

Church Appearance Pictures:






UPDATE: Tuesday 25 December – 11:39

The Royal Family are to make their traditional Christmas Day appearance very shortly.

Happy Christmas!

UPDATE: Monday 24 December – 13:23

It has been confirmed that Her Majesty will definitely be attending the traditional Christmas Day church appearance tomorrow after missing Sunday’s appearance due to recovering from a cold.

UPDATE: Sunday 23 December – 23:05

Tomorrow [Christmas Eve] should be a pretty quiet day for the Royal Family before the structure and fast-pace of the Royal Christmas Day at Sandringham, including only public appearance on way to Church where we’ll see every member of the Royal Family who’re in attendance this year!

UPDATE: Sunday 23 December – 17:18

It is also highly likely that Princess Margaret’s descendants will be invited too, they could include:

  • Viscount and Viscountess Linley (David Armstrong-Jones and Lady Davina Armstrong-Jones)
  • The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones
  • The Hon.Margarita Armstrong-Jones
  • Lady Sarah Chatto
  • Daniel Chatto
  • Samuel Chatto
  • Arthur Chatto

UPDATE: Sunday 23 December – 16:22

This is the current status quo for who we know is and isn’t and may be in attendance at Sandringham for this Royal Christmas, based on today’s church appearance and announcements from the Royal Household

Currently at Sandringham are:

  • Her Majesty The Queen
  • His Royal Highness Prince Philip
  • His Royal Highness The Duke Of York
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York
  • Their Royal Highnesses The Earl and Countess Of Wessex
  • James, Viscount Severn
  • The Lady Louise Windsor

Those definitely not attending this year:

  • His Royal Highness Prince Henry ‘Harry’ of Wales (Away on operations in Afghanistan)
  • Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge (Staying with the Middletons in Berkshire for Christmas)

Those expected over the next few days:

  • Mike and Zara Tindall
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence
  • His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales
  • Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cornwall
  • Peter and Autumn Phillips
  • Savannah and Isla Phillips

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