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The Queen is a fan of Chris Evans

While at a visit to the annual Chelsea Flower Show, Her Majesty revealed that she is a fan of the BBC Radio 2 DJ, Chris Evans.

Evans said on his show, which was broadcasting from the world class event: “She said ‘I was listening to you this morning’, because it was the Chelsea Flower Show.”

“She loved the garden, she was here for a while and the Duchess of Cambridge she came and had a tomato in the greenhouse.

“All the princesses, the Countess [of Wessex] and the Duchess, they all went for the tomatoes.”

Members of the Royal Family honed in on the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday, including the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Evans was live from his ‘Taste Garden’ which was inspired by Mary Berry and designed by Jon Wheatley.


The Duchess of Cambridge joined Evans live on the air just after dropping a cherry tomato on the ground before quickly popping it in her mouth, proclaiming it to be “sweet and delicious”.

On the air, the Duchess told listeners how she is encouraging her children, three-year-old Prince George and one-year-old Princess Charlotte to garden, saying:  “I loved it [the tomato]. I’m just getting into gardening with the children.”

The Duchess of Cambridge also spoke of how she has had to teach Prince George that not all the plants are edible, such as the foxglove which he has taken a liking to, but is poisonous.

Finishing off, Kate noted how:  “It makes such a difference when you take it from the ground.”


Queen Elizabeth even surprised the veterans of the flower show with her new botanical knowledge.

“Her knowledge of plants of phenomenal – and she knows the Latin names,” said Lady Elizabeth Anson to the Standard.

Robert Hillier, chairman of the nursery company, added: “She has never shown her knowledge before. We have met many times, but suddenly she is so interested in plants and planting. She is really thrilled with the way Frogmore is developing. She has now got more ambitious and wants to do a lot more.

“She obviously enjoys going to Chelsea, but in the past she has not been so animated. She has got really into gardening. It’s never too late!”

After being gifted plants for her 90th birthday past year, The Queen is putting them to good use restoring the gardens at Frogmore.


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