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Busy start to the new year for Royal Family, even with The Queen cutting back

A report by the Express has shown that even with The Queen cutting back her duties, the Royal Family has had its busiest start to a year in the past five years.The Royal Family has so far completed 482 engagements, estimating that by the month’s end it will be at least 507.

Prince Charles is leading the family with 75 engagements listed on the Court Circular throughout the United Kindom. His younger brother, Prince Edward comes in at 67 and has already toured Sri Lanka and India, while Princess Anne sits at 58 having just returned from South Korea for the Winter Olympics.

Compared to last year, the whole family completed 394 duties for the first two months of 2017. It was 383 in 2016, 450 in 2015 and 452 in 2014.

The Duke of Edinburgh is no longer a working royal, having retired in August last year and Queen Elizabeth has cut back her duties by around 11%.

The Countess of Wessex has increased the number of engagements she has conducted, undertaking 40 engagements since January 1st.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been busy catching up on engagements that were postponed late last year when the Duchess was suffering from severe morning sickness.

This time last year, Prince William was still flying for the East Anglican Air Ambulance which he has since left. This year, the Duke has completed 40 engagements whereas, in the same time frame in previous years, he finished four, 13, four and eight royal duties.

The Duchess of Cambridge as significantly stepped up her numbers now at 34 by the end of February. Past years have been three, 14, seven and 14.

Prince Harry is at 21 engagements when last year he was at four. The other years were seven, three and 18.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s numbers may be currently up, but she is due with her third child in April so taking a maternity leave will see a drop in those engagements at her year-end total.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May, Meghan will be added to the court circular, and her official engagements will add the total taken on by senior members of the Royal Family.

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