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British royals to feature in latest Pop! figures by Funko

If you’re looking to add some royal figurines to your shelf, Funko has you covered: six royal Funko Pop Dolls based on the likenesses of the British Royal Family will be released early next year.

Funko announced the news in a blog post on their website yesterday that the figurines will be released in February, and that they are available now for pre-order at $12.95 each.

Mini-likenesses of The Queen and a corgi, Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Diana, Princess of Wales round out the collection, but there is no word on if any additional Funko Pop figurines will be added – namely a mini Meghan Markle after her May wedding.

The Queen’s figurine is clothed in a fuchsia coat dress and fuchsia hat with red feather, similar to what she wore during a visit to Lister Community School in 2016. The Prince of Wales’s figurine is wearing his typical grey suit.

Prince William’s figurine is featured in his trademark blue suit, while Prince Harry’s is featured in a similar suit (though his jacket is unbuttoned), with a full beard.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s figurine is wearing the royal blue Roland Mouret evening dress she wore to a banquet she’d hosted for SportsAid at Kensington Palace last year.

“These products are our fun characterisations of the icons they represent, but they have not been endorsed or approved by any member of the Royal Family. They do not have any connection with and are not of a type supplied to any member of the Royal Family,” Funko said in a statement posted to their blog.

For the Diana, Princess of Wales figurine, Funko is offering two different variations. The two featured on its site include one of Diana in a black dress wearing what appears to be the Spencer Tiara; the other is of Diana in the same dress, but red, with the same tiara. The red dress Diana is said to be a chase piece, and will be a “1 in 6 variant.”

The Funko Pop Dolls are available for pre-order on the Funko website.

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