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Three stunning new portraits released for The Queen & Prince Philip’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary

To mark 70 years of marriage, Buckingham Palace has released a series of images depicting The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The photographs were taken by British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, an independent photo agency.

Matt Holyoak/CameraPress

In the portraits, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh pose together in front of a platinum-textured backdrop.

In one of the photos, Her Majesty is sat on a golden chair with a huge smile on her face. The Queen’s husband of 70 years is stood beside his wife, wearing a grey suit with green trousers.

Matt Holyoak/CameraPress

In the photos, Her Majesty is wearing a cream day dress by Angela Kelly. This is a poignant choice of outfit, as the 91-year-old also wore the item in 2007 when she was celebrating her diamond wedding anniversary.

The Queen is also wearing the ‘Scarab’ brooch in yellow gold, carved ruby and diamond. The Andrew Grima designed jewellery was given as a personal gift from the Duke to The Queen in 1966.

Matt Holyoak/CameraPress

In addition to these three photos, a further portrait was released of the couple yesterday.

In it, The Queen and Prince Philip stand together in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

Matt Holyoak/CameraPress

Matt Holyoak is seen as one of Britain’s leading portrait photographers. His work has been acquired by The National Portrait Gallery for their permanent collection and has been exhibited worldwide.

Camera Press is also celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. Founded in 1947, The Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding was the first assignment for the new photo agency.

  • Jan M Keus

    No one is talking about the Duke’s outfit. Which is quite understandable, because it is ugly. A very bad combination between his trousers and his jacket (colbert).

    • Carol Eberhardt

      This definitely calls for a celebration, their 70th wedding anniversary. I hope to see at least a short video clip of their wedding anniversary celebration. In case, I don’t see their celebration on television, I wish Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert a “Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary!”.

      • Phil Waldron

        Umm…except that his name is Prince Philip.

    • Carol Eberhardt

      Everybody is entitled to their own differences of opinions. Women are allowed to mix and match colors as they choose, so why not the same for men?

    • Bramble

      What does it matter ?

    • Da Truth

      WTF? Grey flannel trousers and a tweed jacket. Classic and utterly non-controversial.

    • Jaana Enroos

      You took owrds out ot my mouth. Why was he allowed to dress like that. Colours don’t match at all.

    • Richard J. Lipuma

      At his age, I don’t think he cares if the suit matches.

  • Betty Elliott

    The Royals usually have dressers who advise on what to wear. Prince Philips whole attire does not match, trousers, jacket and tie, yet the Queen looks lovely, what were they thinking this day. Congratulations on their 70th. Anniversary.

    • GirlFriday

      He’s 96 years old! He’s earned the right to wear whatever he wants!

  • + Nikola S Munjas BA MISAD


  • Marg

    I agree ….I would have thought the Queen might have said something about his choice of attire!!
    I also think the photographer chose a terrible backdrop!!…in one photo, the Queen’s hair kinda gets lost in it!!

    • PennieP.

      I agree with you.
      That is a horrible portrait.
      He looks like he jumped out of a Charity Bin.

      • Da Truth

        People like you just enjoy being miserable. Find something real to complain about.

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    On the 70th Marriage Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip look just Stunning. Prince Philip looks Handsome and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth looks so Vibrant and they still want to be in Service to the Common Wealth showing how dedicated they are.

  • Deb Raymond-Aubrey

    God bless you on your 70th anniversary.

  • Monica

    Oh wow, this is so lovely. Very few couples will make it to 70 years of marriage 🙂 I love the pair of them.

  • Seriously?

    Since this is all that everyone is speaking about if you look closely there is blue in his jacket which I’m quite sure is the same blue in pants. He’s royalty… he doesnt buy off the rack like you and I. The suit he is wearing is most likely custom made for him meaning the pants are made for the jacket, the red on his tie also matches the red on his jacket, the back drop and color of photos make it seem like they don’t match. He knows what he’s doing, he’s been doing this longer than most of us have been alive.

    • Anthony Ladd Canney

      exactly! I think part of the problem is the photographer must have used a soft focus which ruins subtle color details that are in the pattern of his jacket.

  • GirlFriday

    He’s 96 years old! He can wear whatever he wants!

  • Kathleen L.

    Forget his outfit… It’s amazing that they have been together for 70 years and that they both look hale and happy for their ages! <3

  • Pamela Picot

    Bless them both, what a milestone for them. Congratulations to you both.

  • Carrie

    Just adore these two

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