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BREAKING: Queen’s visit to Scotland Yard cancelled following Westminster terror attack

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Scotland Yard has been cancelled following the terror attack in Westminster on Wednesday.

Her Majesty was due to open the new police headquarters on the Victoria Embankment on Thursday – which is just a couple of minutes away from the scene of the attacks.

Reasons for the cancellation of the trip include the close proximity between Scotland Yard and the Palace of Westminster, as well as the security & safety of the Monarch.

Analysis by Charlie Proctor, Royal Central’s Editor-in-Chief

The news that The Queen’s visit to Scotland Yard has been postponed comes as no surprise.

Although it would be a great way to show defiance towards terrorism, it isn’t practical or safe for Her Majesty to visit Scotland Yard less than 24-hours after the incident.

Although this is partly down to the 90-year-old Monarch’s safety, it is also so the police can put all of their available resources towards the counter-terrorism investigation.

The last thing the police need right now is the task of giving a private tour to The Queen when they have to investigate the worst terror attack on British soil since 7/7.

It would cost them valuable time, resources and police constables to guard Her Majesty. Because of this, there was no way the visit would go ahead as planned.

Additionally, the Metropolitan Police are currently occupied with ensuring the residents of London are kept safe alongside the investigation.

Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey was due to welcome The Queen when she arrived at the police headquarters in London, however, it is understood that he was directly involved in the incident and is being treated as an “important witness.”

Her Majesty was also due to look at bomb disposal robots giving demonstrations – something that was considered inappropriate given the circumstances.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “In light of today’s events, the decision has been taken to postpone The Queen’s engagement to New Scotland Yard tomorrow.

“The visit will be rearranged for a later date.”

Armed police officers have closed the gates of Buckingham Palace as a precautionary measure following the incident at Westminster this afternoon, which is now being treated as a terrorist attack.

The Queen is currently in residence at Buckingham Palace with the Royal Standard flying on the roof.

There will be no plans for Her Majesty to leave London, and the precautionary measures are expected.

The UK Parliament is on lockdown following multiple incidents which includes a stabbing and car running into pedestrians.

Four people died in the attacks, including an armed police officer who was guarding Parliament.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, was ushered into a ministerial car when shots were fired.

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