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Actress who plays The Queen doesn’t believe Her Majesty watches The Crown

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Magazine actress Claire Foy displayed the same no-nonsense approach of her character when she discarded recent reports that Her Majesty watched Netflix hit The Crown.

When the journalist interviewing her said that a royal source had claimed that The Queen watched all ten episodes Ms Foy was quick to respond “What royal source? I can’t believe, I haven’t heard anything about it and I will believe it when I see it is all I’ll say.”

When the reporter pressed to know what Ms Foy would think if it could be confirmed that The Queen was an avid viewer, the Golden Globe-winning actress said: “I would be very interested to see what she thinks about historical elements of it, about . . .

“I think she’d be interested in the coronation. I think she’d be interested in the royal wedding, and I think she would be interested in the retelling of Treetops and all those sorts of things.

“The personal level of it, and seeing someone else act out your life, and act out your most painful moments of grief, or happiness, or fear, or triumph, or whatever, I don’t think would be a very enjoyable thing, which is why I doubt very much that she’s watched it. I wouldn’t want to watch that, but I think she would be intrigued about how well the program is made, and how well it depicts the family and the characters that she’s, in real life, got to know. Winston Churchill, for example.”

Though Ms Foy refused to believe it possible The Queen is one of the many viewers who have tuned in to the opulent period drama, she did admit that she would find it fascinating to see the royal reactions. She went on to suggest that it would make for a great episode of Gogglebox saying: “It’s a bit of a weird British thing, but there’s a TV program where you watch people watching telly.

“It sounds ridiculous, but it’s so entertaining. You watch people just talking at home about, ‘Oh, what she’s got on,’ and those sort of things. It’s amazing, because you really see that’s more interesting than the TV program. So maybe they’ll do a Gogglebox of the Queen and Prince Charles, and Prince Philip….It would be amazing.”

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