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A slice of the Queen’s wedding cake to go on sale for £1,200

A slice of the Queen’s wedding cake is to go on sale for £1,200 later this year.

The 66-year-old piece of cake has been kept well preserved from her majesty’s wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh and will go on sale in its original Buckingham Palace case dated November 20, 1947.


The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh married in 1947.

Inside a complimentary slip reads “With the best wishes of Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh”.

Gordon Watson, a TV antiques dealer and the current owner, is now offering people to chance to buy the slice after deciding to put it back on the market after an “antiques clear out”. Gordon first got the piece of the Queen’s wedding cake in 2011.

“It got me thinking that this mouldy old slice of cake is symbolic of everything we fought for in the war and the hardships the country went through,” he says.

“In order to keep buying I have to keep selling so every few years I have a clear-out”.

The slice of cake comes from the Queen and the Duke’s wedding day cake which was nicknamed the 10,000 mile wedding cake because of its ingredients, which were donated by the Australian Girl Guides, with the rum and brandy coming from South Africa.

The Queen, who was then Princess Elizabeth, married Prince Philip in November, 1947, at Westminster Abbey, after meeting Philip in 1934. Philip at that time was titled ‘Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark’, but later renounced his Greek and Danish titles.

Their stunning cake, which included four tiers, was split between the 2,000 invited guests who attended the wedding. The slice, which is about to go on sale, was originally given to CH Spackman, one of the couple’s guards of honour.

“Remarkably, it is still in one piece, wrapped in baking parchment. I wouldn’t recommend eating it, but as a collector’s item it is fantastic,” Charlotte George, from auction house Christie’s reveals.

The cake will go to auction at Christie’s in London in September.
photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc

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