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A rare show of emotion from The Queen at National Memorial Arboretum

Yesterday, on Tuesday, May 17, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was on hand to officially unveil a new memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum near Lichfield.

The new memorial was in honour of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment for all of those who have connections to the regiment over its ten-year history, she is the Colonel-in-Chief.

Since its inception ten years ago, 32 members of the regiment have died.

Before The Queen’s arrival to over 100 guests, servicemen from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment marched through the arboretum.

Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Ian Dudson was there to escort Queen Elizabeth around the arboretum while she was there. When speaking to the Mercury about her visit he said: “It is always a great honour when The Queen visits Staffordshire.

“It has been some years since she has been at the National Memorial Arboretum and it is fantastic to be able to give her an opportunity of seeing the ongoing development.

“I think the regiment will be very proud of their memorial and it is something everyone in the regiment can be part of.

“The Queen is very easy to talk to, there is no awkwardness and she is always very interested.

“It is incredible to have her here today especially with it being the year of her 90 th birthday.”

During her time there she met with wounded veterans and spoke to families who have lost loved ones. The memorial she unveiled read “Our Kingsmen Lions of England.”

When placing a wreath on the memorial with a note reading “In memory of the glorious dead. Elizabeth R”, The Queen, in a rare show of emotion, wiped away a tear with her white gloved hand while the crowd sand a hymn.

One of the last times The Queen was caught on camera crying was in 1997 during the decommissioning ceremony of her ship the Royal Yacht Britannia. The Labour government, which had just been elected decided not to replace it.





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