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A quiet celebration for The Queen

Monday marks 65 years since the young Princess Elizabeth, became Queen Elizabeth II, but the only part of the celebration to go with a bang will be the guns which are fired in several locations. The Queen will be working, as usual, as to her, this is a sad memory of a father she lost, a father who was not born to be King but carried the title well as he steered the monarchy through not only an abdication crisis but also soon after a World War.

Though many may have wished for a good news celebration to help us forget a torrid 2016, and a shaky start to 2017, The Queen I think has wisely decided there are other priorities. She has undoubtedly built on the stable family structure her father had to support him. She has not only her cousins, Dukes of Gloucester & Kent who help her but also her own extended family and this year is also poignant for some of them.

This year marks twenty years since the sad death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, and I am sure the Queen regardless of what has already been mentioned would not have wanted any celebration of her reign to potentially upstage the work that the Princes had planned for exhibitions and a statue in memory of their mother. There is also another anniversary this year that marked a sad memory for The Queen, for it was twenty-five years ago, in 1992 that a terrible fire destroyed part of Windsor Castle. An exhibition marking the restoration work can be seen at the castle throughout this year.

But, it is still a year for Royal Celebrations. In November, the Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate seventy years of marriage. It is worth celebrating that a relationship can last, and the Prince has been a rock at the side of the Queen in the same way her mother supported King George VI. The Queen has throughout her reign, worked hard for all the countries over which she rules, and long may she continue to do so. Those who suggest she may abdicate do not realise the pain and memory that that word brings to her. The memory of a father thrust with a lack of preparation into a role he dedicated his life to, a life brought to a sad close, sixty-five years ago.

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