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A Mirrored House to feature at Buckingham Palace’s Coronation Festival

Next month, in the magnificent grounds of Buckingham Palace, a festival will take place to mark the Queen’s Coronation.

Mirrored house 2

The Mirrored House will feature in the festival

The Coronation Festival, due to take place between the 11th and 14th of July, will celebrate the best of British. The occasion will feature a diverse selection of Royal Warrant Holders, who will showcase their heritage and latest product innovations, all within the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace.

The Festival will feature four distinct sections that will include Homes & Gardens, Technology, Style Pursuits & Past Times, and fine food and drink.

The event will be the first time Buckingham Palace has opened its gates for such a grand event on this scale.

With just weeks until the Coronation Festival takes place, the Royal Warrant Holders Association have unveiled plans to build a spectacular mirrored building in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace, which will act as a stunning central feature within the Homes and Gardens section.

The 84.64sq landmark struck, will stand tall within the gardens of the Palace, sitting alongside the 19th-century lake.

Mirrored house

The festival takes place in mid-July

Inside, festival goers will experience an amazing fractured mirror effect, which will accentuate the exterior detail and impeccable design.

As the gateway to the Homes and Gardens section, this iconic structure will be surrounded by a range of Royal Warrant holders showcasing a variety of high quality interior and garden products for the home. Ranging from textiles and soft furnishings, paints and wallpaper, furniture and antiques to planting and shrubbery, this unique showcase will offer an insight into some of the brands and products that have been enjoyed by generations of the Royal Family in their Royal residences for decades.

Inside the unique building will be a series of designer rooms that will showcase some of the 200 Warrant holders in a brilliant way.


The event is to mark the Queen’s Coronation

The first of the three room sets takes the theme of ‘Industry and Tradition’ by John Lewis, showing a modern twist on a traditional fine dining experience, while the second will be from KLC School of design, which will creatse an eco-fantasy room entitled “The Castle on the Lock,” which will be inspired by the Royal Residence of Balmoral.

The third room will be a classic guest room recreated by the Royal Household. The room created by Edward Griffiths, Deputy Master of the Royal Household, will provide an insight into how restoration and interior schemes are produced within the household.

“Rather than build a conventional model house in the Royal gardens, we wanted to create a visual effect that is sympathetic to its surroundings,” Lee Newton, CEO of Media 10 Ltd, the company behind the weekend’s extravaganza said. “This long, low and mirrored structure is an innovative alternative which, with its reflective surfaces will blend seamlessly into the environment, whilst still creating an iconic visual effect for visitors.”

The Festival will be open to members of the public from Friday, 12th to Sunday, 14th July. There will be a Royal Preview on Thursday, 11th July for invited guests, including Members of the Royal Family, charities, patronages, media, Armed Forces, inward investors and overseas trade missions, and guests of the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

Tickets have now sold out, but for more information on our Royal Warrant holders, please visit

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