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A look at Queen Elizabeth’s remarkable Royal Gift collection

A new exhibition is set to display gifts that The Queen has received over many years from different countries.

The exhibition of vast gifts will be revealed at Buckingham Palace’s summer opening this year. The seasonal opening of the palace will commence on the 22nd of July up until the 1st of October; during this time, public visitors will have a chance to view the broad array of spectacular souvenirs Her Majesty has received from royal acquaintances.

The exhibition will be named “Royal Gifts” and will be displayed in Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms.

The display will showcase an extensive selection of memorable gifts collected by The Queen over the years. The gifts are set to amount to a sum of more than 250 that have been obtained from 100 countries.

There is an extensive list of stately souvenirs that will be shown in the exhibition; here is a handful of some of the grand gifts, according to Town and Country:

  • Yoruba throne

The throne was a gift from the Yoruba people of Nigeria given to the Queen in 1956. The chair is covered in beadwork; according to the Royal Collection’s site, Yoruba culture associates beadwork with wealth and status.

  • Vessel of Friendship

China gifted The Queen with this object in 2015. The vessel is a representation of the treasure ship sailed by Zeng He of the Ming Dynasty – the navigator of the ship.

  • Totem pole

The pole was given to Her Majesty by the Kwakiutl people of Canada in 1971 in a visit by The Queen. The pole focuses on a mythical thunderbird that is thought it brings on thunder when flapping its wings.

  • Silver bowl with fruit

Kenneth Kaunda, the President of Zambia in 1991, presented this polished silver bowl to Her Majesty. The bowl holds silver models of fruits that represent those grown in the country.

The selection of grand gifts is said to mark “significant moments in The Queens life,” according to the Royal Collection’s site. The items have been collected “during State Visits, overseas tours and official engagements.”

More information can be found on the Royal Collection’s website.

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