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A Guide to Trooping the Colour

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the luckiest sovereigns in the world, with the honour to have two birthdays – one being on the date of her birth, April 21st, and her official birthday, this year being on the weekend of June 11th and June 12th. Being sovereign of the UK has its advantages (aside from the prerogative powers invested in her constitutionally), as the their birthday is celebrated by the world renowned Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Ever since 1748, the Trooping the Colour ceremony has celebrated the birthday of the sovereign on a Saturday in June, with it being celebrated annually since 1820. So now with the facts out of the way, what exactly is the Trooping the Colour?

The Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by British and Commonwealth regiments from their armies, in which they parade, along with the Queen, from the Mall to Buckingham Palace. She then watches a 41 gun salute and she inspects her troops from the Household Division before moving to the balcony with the rest of her family to watch a Royal Air Force fly by.

It is generally broadcast live by the BBC in which millions up and down the country, and abroad watch live and celebrate the monarch’s birthday with street parties. This year, with Her Majesty becoming 90 and being on the throne 64 years, the ceremony and street parties will be bigger than ever, with a special tea party on the Mall.

The Trooping the Colour brings everyone together far and wide, watching and talking about the marveling spectacle to commemorate the monarchs birthday, it serves as a Great British identity – something everyone can recognise and something everyone will watch and then talk about. In short, the Trooping the Colour is a big parade to celebrate a British monarch’s birthday by showcasing her armed forces and this year’s ceremony will most likely be the best Trooping the Colour yet.

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