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The Royal Trio attend service for Grenfell Fire Victims

Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge have attended a memorial service for the victims of the Grenfell fire at St Paul’s Cathedral. Also in attendance was Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Royals were joined by Prime Minister Theresa May as well as Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. They were joined by over 1,500 guests including survivors, family members, and first responders.

The fire claimed the lives of 53 adult and 18 children as it tore through a tower block in Kensington. It took 24 hours to bring the fire under control.

The service was to mark since months since the tragedy occurred. The service thanked the first responders as well as the community and volunteers who helped in the aftermath of the fire.

The Dean of St Paul’s Sir David Ison opened the service before a minute silence took place. He said that “We come together as different faiths as we remember those whose lives were lost.”

He said that we should “be united in the face of suffering and sorrow.”

When the service ended, survivors and the victim’s families left the cathedral holding white roses.

Clarrie Mendy, who lost her cousin and her cousin’s daughter said that the memorial was “what the community needs, what the survivors day.”

She hoped that everybody would get something from the memorial service.

In the days after the disaster, many members of the Royal family visited rest centres and first responders.

The Queen visited volunteers and rescuers to hear personal accounts of the disaster. At the time, she was joined by The Duke of Cambridge.

The Queen paid her respects to both the “bravery” of the firefighters, as well as meeting those affected by the blaze face-to-face.


  • Mr. Christian

    Thank you. I commend the souls of the dead to a better place, than fortune gave them on earth. I do not know all the regions or thoughts on such by those who died; but, am pleased that it was an ecumenical service. The Arc of Justice is long; but, it always bends toward earth for those they leave behind. I ask that that justice include for the surviving victims from Prime Minister Teresa government aide in relocating the survivors to safe, good housing. And, I have heard that there are many other Grenfells, not just in Britain awaiting similar fates from the highly inflammable insulation used there. So I ask that Teresa May and Parliament spare no expense within reason to refit such housing where possible, and where not to seek living alternatives. The Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry know what sleeping in the rough had been like years ago; but, the treatment of the homeless has grown ever worse. So again I ask them to seek better alternatives for housing with PM May and Labour in Parliament. Thank you.

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