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Prince Michael of Kent reveals his battle with cancer

Prince Michael of Kent has revealed that he recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer which has proven successful.

The Queen's cousin had successful surgery last year.

The Queen’s cousin had successful surgery last year.

The 72-year-old was diagnosed and treated for the disease last year according to the Daily Mail’s diary.

The Prince’s spokesman, Simon Astaire, said “This particular problem was, happily, diagnosed very early and treated successfully last year by a surgical team who have his admiration and gratitude.”

In usual circumstances, the Royal Family’s health issues are kept private, but the Queen’s cousin wanted the news of his successful recovery to be shared with the public.

40,000 men are affected by prostate cancer in Britain each year. One in eight men will develop the illness at some point in their life, in most cases, after the age of 65.

Back in 1999, Princess Michael of Kent was treated successfully for skin cancer. She has laser surgery to remove a tumour from her foot.

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