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Duke of Kent to visit Falmouth Wharves

On Monday, 3 April, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent will pay a visit to Falmouth Wharves in Cornwall. The wharves are a commercial maritime industry that is a water hub in the county that, with The Duke’s visit, will be a marine achievement for Cornwall.

The “saving” of Falmouth Wharves from being converted into a luxury hotel and apartments is to do, in part to the collaboration of both Keynvor MorLift (KML) and Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) purchasing the wharves. KML was already a tenant on the property when these plans which were instigated by the previous owner were rejected. KML was able to buy the property with the assistance from a grant from the Cornwall Marine Capital Fund which is managed by CMN.

With KML and CMN saving the wharves, 100 current jobs have been saved, and 39 new positions have been created. KML has made the Falmouth site its headquarters. The Duke’s visit will also be to celebrate the 12-year-old not-for-profit marine trade organisation’s milestone of getting 3,000 people into employment since its inception.

For some time, the Duke has held a keen interest in British technology and industries. While at Falmouth Wharves, he will be taken on a guided tour of the site. CMN’s chief executive, Paul Wickes, will be among those escorting His Royal Highness to Falmouth Wharves. KML’s MD Diccon Rogers will lead the tour.

Wickes told Business Cornwall: “We’re delighted that His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent is coming to visit CMN and two of our member businesses.

“It will be an excellent chance for him to hear first-hand about our work securing funding for the KML investment in Falmouth Wharves, supporting 3,000 people into employment and other key marine projects. The visit is tremendous recognition for CMN’s staff team who have tirelessly worked to support the economically important Cornish marine sector since 2005.”

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