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Duke Of Kent Joins Scots Guards For Regimental Remembrance Day

The Duke of Kent, Colonel of the Scots Guards, today joined the regiment at the Guards’ Chapel and later for a short ceremony at Horseguards’ Parade for their regimental remembrance day.

The Scots Guards, ‘the 3rd regiment of foot’, held services for their regimental remembrance day today in the presence of their Colonel, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

The 77-year-old cousin to HM The Queen recently suffered a stroke and after some time off has returned to royal duties today with this remembrance parade.

‘Field Marshal The Duke of Kent’, as he is known, is Colonel of the Scots Guards, an honorary position usually held by a member of the Royal Family, though they usually do involve themselves in regimental life. In 1993 he was made a Field Marshal in the British Army, the highest rank, which only six other people also hold.

Prior to his appointment as Field Marshal and Colonel of the Scots Guards, the Duke of Kent also served as an officer in the Army in the Royal Scots Greys, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel before leaving the Army and being awarded honorary ranks by The Queen.

The Scots Guards are one of the 5 regiments of footguards who work guarding The Queen outside residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and guarding the Prince of Wales at Clarence House.

They are known as the ‘3rd of foot’ and ‘centre of the line’ for them being the middle-aged regiment of foot out of the 5 others. As they’re centre of the line, they have no plume in their bearskin, one of their distinguishing features.

Today, the Duke of Kent attended the Guards’ Chapel at Wellington Barracks before processing with the Guards to Horseguards’ Parade where the regiment spent a short while at the guards’ memorial on Horseguards’, including the playing of the Last Post and Piper’s Lament.

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