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Queen Mother’s racist comment covered up because ‘It was too awful’, says scholar

Roy Strong, the man who has spent years documenting the lives of members of the Royal Family, has alleged that the Queen Mother made a racist comment.

Sir Roy Strong has published numerous books about his long relationship with the Royal Family. The second volume was gossip filled and covered royal scandals and upsets between 1988 and 2003. Despite the revealing nature of the books, Strong says he is still close to Prince Charles. He highlighted the strong relationship through Prince Charles’s love of the Laskett Gardens – a garden that took several years to create and is renowned for its idyllic and beautiful setting.

Strong, who is the former director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, said part of him was protective of the Queen Mother which is why he did not record the Queen Mother’s alleged racial prejudices.

He stated that her alleged racist comments were “too awful” to put into a book. Adding: “I can remember the Queen Mother came to lunch at Ham House, which was a branch of the V&A, and she said ‘I will bring the liquid refreshment,’ and we all know what that meant.”

Roy Strong then went on to talk about a time when they were having lunch, saying: “The Queen was in Africa at the time, and the Queen Mother leant over to me and said ‘Beware the blackamoors’. I can’t put that down.

“But one knows she was colour prejudiced.”

However, despite the claims, he did say: “I revere the monarchy for all its faults.”

This is not the first time the late Queen Mother, who passed away in 2002, has been reported to have made racist comments. An authorised biography by William Shawcross alleged that she met a Japanese Prince and said “Nip on! Nip on!” It is also claimed that she said: “The Africans just don’t know how to govern themselves…what a pity we’re still not looking after them.”

However, people have also spoken up and highlighted the Queen Mother’s tolerance. The late Woodrow Wyatt, a British politician, highlights in his memoir that when he expressed the view that non-white countries have nothing in common with “us” the Queen Mother spoke up and said “I am very keen on the Commonwealth. They’re all like us.”

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