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Princess Anne’s Australian banquet

In a continuation of her Australian visit, The Princess Royal enjoyed some of the finest produce that Queensland has to offer on Tuesday 21st October as she attended a barbeque hosted by the RNA at the Royal International Convention Centre.

The Royal ICC was playing host to the 26th Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth conference, which was held in Queensland for the first time. Princess Anne was in attendance as the President of the RASC and was joined by more than 250 people who were also there to eat some of the finest cuisine around, as well as getting a glimpse of the Royal.

The top-notch menu at the ‘Great Australian BBQ’ had only the best to offer for their Royal visitor. The menu included grilled sunshine coast prawns, roasted eye fillet and some modern twists on the Australian classics Pavlova and lamingtons, hardly your everyday kind of food.

Sean Cummings, Royal ICC Executive Chef commented on the event, “We have so much amazing produce available to us in Queensland so we wanted to centre the menu on this. The carefully designed menu included Australia’s best steak, as voted by top food critiques at our Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show, award-winning cheeses and fresh local seafood… finishing with a twist on classic Australian desserts.”

On the first of Princess Anne’s four days in Australia, she paid a visit to the Royal International Convention Centre at Brisbane Showgrounds  though she will not make any public appearances during the tour.

So as Princess Anne enjoyed a right Royal feast in Queensland on Tuesday night, we can only dream of the delicious food that she and her guests were tucking in to. Whatever the food, it’s a long way from the microwave lasagna that I have waiting to tuck in to tonight!

Featured Photo Credit: John Pannell via photopin cc



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