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Princess Anne will visit Save the Children shop in Windermere

Buckingham Palace has announced that the Princess Royal will visit the Southern Lake District on 21st March to acknowledge the valuable work provided by volunteer groups in the area, also a great anniversary for one of the local schools.

Princess Anne is President of the Save the Children Fund, and in that capacity, she is visiting the charity’s shop in Windermere, where five of the staff have clocked up over two hundred years volunteering at the shop. Regional manager Jackie Kenyon said: “I am very proud of our team and it’s lovely that Princess Anne is able to come join us in our celebrations.”

The Princess will then move to Kirby Stephen Grammar School where she will acknowledge two anniversaries. The school is celebrating its four hundred and fiftieth anniversary this year, and she will meet members of some of the school’s successful sports teams in netball, hockey, equestrianism, and rugby. This will be very much of interest to the Princess, both her and her daughter’s prowess on horseback is well-known, and Zara Phillips also represented Gordonstoun at hockey.

Whilst at the school, she will also visit the headquarters of Kirby Stephen Mountain Rescue. The team are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and will meet members and see how their equipment can be used in a major emergency. David Stewart of the group said “We are very chuffed, excited and honoured about this. It’s our 50th anniversary, and this is something different and special to celebrate it with. We are excited to show off our quarters.”

The Princess Royal will also visit Warcop, near Appleby to open their new parish hall. This has been built to replace the halls both in Warcop and nearby Sandford which were beginning to show their age. Chairman of the trustees Raymond Bromby said: “The opening of the parish hall by her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, we believe will pay tribute to all the people in the community who have given their time so freely to help create this superb facility to help others.”

  • Mr. Christian

    I pray that if the Princess Royal wants to save the children, that she use her influence and knowledge of military relief operations to help to save the lives of some 28 million starving children in Yemen. The force that has led the blockade of Yemen and it’s destruction by means ranging from bombing hospitals and schools and a once beautiful culture, the Saudis respect and might listen to a ranking British Royal Family member. Also, both President Obama and now President Donald Trump have not only turned a blind eye to this genocide; but, actually deployed forces to give aide-and-comfort to the Saudi “Holocaust.”

  • Mr. Christian

    Dear Princess Royal: I hope that this never happened to members of your Family; but, the “Black Bag” operations that are now prevalent in the United States, reached their cruelest yesterday, when I found our family Bible changed beyond recognition after one more such. If Sir Walshingham had done this to Queen Mary Stuart, I believe that even Queen Elizabeth I would be angry at her intelligence service to deny not only the right of Sanctuary, as some seek to do today in the U.S.; but, the ability to access God’s Gospel. This travesty, to deny prayer to God in his chosen voice to man, reached it’s worst, when even Corintheans 1:13 about how any human endeavor done without love of God, as of mankind, is for naught. I cannot express how sad this makes me for the death of even love of God and sinners (as every human being including as Christ had to admonish his Apostles/disciples) has committed some sins during their lives, even if after Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, said that his Apostles could perform miracles. Such behavior as to deny prayer by the word of God–whose name is legion–is the cruelest torture; and, it happens in very many places in the world today. Nonetheless love of God, abideth and endureth even with this the cruelest blow of all.

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