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Princess Anne to attend 700th anniversary of King Robert II

The Princess Royal is set to attend a service marking the 700th anniversary of the birth of her ancestor King Robert II next month.

On Friday, February 12, Princess Anne will make an appearance at the University of the West of Scotland and Paisley Abbey which has a long history that links all the way back to the current royal family.

Founded when the High Steward of Scotland, Walter Fitzalan, signed a charter at Fotheringay for the founding of a Cluniac monastery on land that belonged to him. The abbey is also the final resting place of Princess Marjory Bruce, the wives of King Robert II and King Robert III and the six High Stewards of Scotland.

Minister of the abbey, the Reverend Alan Birss, said: “We are very, very pleased and are looking forward to the visit. There will be a service on the day.

“We are also hoping to have a year of events, including a concert, a medieval fair and a conference, to mark the this anniversary.”

Princess Anne’s most recent visit to the area was the Royal National Mod at Paisley Town Hall in 2013. The Princess Royal also gave a reading in 2012 at the abbey in celebration of the 850th anniversary of the church.

The official website of The British Monarchy confirmed Princess Anne’s February 12th visit by posting: “The Princess Royal will visit the newly renovated facilities at the Paisley Campus, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, Renfrewshire.”

King Robert II (2 March 1316 – 19 April 1390) reigned as King of Scots from 1371 until his death on 19 April 1390 as the first monarch of the House of Stewart. Robert II had 22 children throughout his life with his two wives, Elizabeth Mure and Euphemia de Ross, and his many mistresses including his favorite, Mariota Cardeny.


  • kathy ames

    He is not in fact an ancestor of our Royal Family.

    • Jovan Weismiller

      His direct descendants, all Kings (or Queen) of Scots, without break in the bloodline leads to King James VI&I. THe Hanoverian/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors are direct descendants of King James’ daughter, Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, whose grandson was King George I, thus making the entire House of Windsor today direct descendants of King Robert II. Might you be thinking of King Robert I, otherwise known as Robert the Bruce? The House of Windsor is not descended from him.

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