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Princess Anne opens ‘transformational’ new Stratford University campus

Princess Anne opened a new University campus in Stratford this past Friday.

Princess Anne opened a new University campus in Stratford this past Friday.

The Princess Royal opened the new £33 million university campus this past Friday in Stratford, East London.

Pulling the curtain string, Princess Anne revealed a plaque that officially opened the University Square in Stratford.

The new campus was conceived from the collaborative efforts of the University of East London and Birbeck, and the University of London. Over 300 donors, academics, dignitaries and others from varying councils, businesses and cultural groups joined Anne, who is chancellor of the University of London. She succeeded the Queen Mother as the 10th Chancellor of the University in 1981.

Baanji Muteto, a student studying to earn his BA in urban dance practice, performed for those in attendance.

“Performing in front of HRH Princess Royal was a massive privilege and a great experience. We performed a dance piece that fuses House dance and contemporary dance techniques,” reported the Newham Recorder.

The new campus offers higher education courses with part and full-time and day and evening study opportunities.

The University Square Stratford or the UEL as it is known, allows everyone in East London the prospect to take high education classes therefore heightening their employment opportunity. Vice Chancellor of UEL, Professor John Joughin views this as “transformational.”

No stranger to Royal engagements, the Princess began to carry out public engagements alone at the age of eighteen. In 2012, Anne attended 566 engagements, which was a mere two less than in 2011.

According to the Official Website of the Britsh Monarchy, The Princess Royal “is associated with over 200 charities and organisations in an official capacity, to all of which she devotes a large part of her working life. In addition to working for her charities and regiments both at home and overseas, Her Royal Highness carries out up to three overseas tours each year for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in support of British interests overseas.”

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