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Princess Anne conducts her first royal engagement of the year

Princess Anne arrived in Oxford yesterday, for the annual Farming Conference, of which she is the Honorary President.

The Princess Royal’s visit to Oxford comes after just days into the New Year. It seems the Princess Royal is keen to keep the reputation of being one of the hardest working royals.

Princess Anne at the conference (Photo Credit: @rdpagency via Twitter)

So what is The Oxford Farming Conference? Well besides from the obvious – it taking place in Oxford, it is a charity that strives to educate and provide knowledge about agriculture. The charity has been up and running in Oxford for an astonishing 80 years! The conference commences every year at the start of January, this year taking place on the 3rd 4th and 5th, with Princess Anne attending the 5th of January conference.

The Oxford Farming Conference bears an a-list line up every year, many of them being Ministers and MP’s. Their manifesto says that the conference aims to present “exceptional speakers.” Their “delegates now include many people from the wider food chain, retail, NGOs, scientific organisations, policy-making bodies and governments from around the world.”

The Oxford farming conference, the Princess Royal’s first engagement of the year was a success. Miss Page, from a family farm in Scratby, who attended the conference said: “they did reassure us that they were listening and at least we have a voice, it is no good moaning about things unless you do something about it and go and speak to these people that have a key role in shaping our future.”

So it is no surprise that Princess Anne is Honorary President of the Oxford Farming Conference, she is a strong supporter of charities and their causes:

These are just a handful of charities that the Princess Royal supports, she is involved in more than 200 organisations.

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