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Horsing around with Princess Anne

The Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, was seen at a number events at the Gatcombe Horse Trials, which were held at Gatcombe Park this weekend.

Princess Anne at an event earlier this year

Princess Anne at an event earlier this year

Gatcombe Park is the residence of the Princess Royal. The 200 acre estate was purchased by The Queen for the Princess and her husband at the time, Captain Mark Phillips, in 1976. The Princess, who is a horse enthusiast, opens her home up to visitors for the Gatcombe Horse Trials, an equestrian event which is held in spring and autumn every year.

The trials, which lasted for three days, included dressage, show jumping and cross-country phases. The different events saw over 800 competitors, including riders from different countries, take part in a course designed by Olympic silver medalist, Ian Stark, and Princess Anne herself.

Notable riders included English equestrian, William Fox Pitt, and Andrew Nicholson and Blyth Tait from New Zealand.

Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, were present at the events throughout the weekend, mingling with the crowds and watching the riders. The Princess even presented many of the prizes to the winners in various events.

This year’s Gatcombe Horse Trials is the 19th event of its kind. This weekend also marked the 25th anniversary of Middlebridge Scimitar, which was commemorated by a display of 40 of the cars from across Europe. Interestingly, the Princess Royal also owns a Middlebridge.

Photo credit: NHC_UHI via photopin cc

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