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Gloucester residents correctly ‘guess’ Zara and Mike Tindall’s baby name

Although unexpected by most, the name that Zara and Mike Tindall chose for their daughter, Mia, was an obvious choice for many who were willing to bet money on the name of the new addition to the Royal Family.


Bookmakers from Gloucester, where the Tindalls currently reside on Princess Anne’s Gatcombe Park estate, were forced to make payouts of up to £3,000 to all the people who correctly guessed the name of Zara and Mike’s baby girl.

Paddy Power, a local betting shop, received suspiciously large bets, ranging between £100 and £200, on the name Mia last weekend and were forced to bring the odds down to 1/20 from the initial 15/1. However, the company has selected to honour the bets and are now facing total payoff.

It is possible that Mike Tindall, who also plays for Gloucester’s Premiership rugby club, accidentally dropped a few hints about the baby names that he and Zara were considering, explaining the sudden increase in wagers laid on the name Mia.

The names Elizabeth, Anne and Victoria were the front-runners in the early betting, with Poppy not far behind after Zara expressed that she liked the name. But Zara’s brother, Peter Phillips, said that the couple had “no particular reason for choosing the name – they just liked it.”

Revealed on Twitter by the proud new father, Mia Grace is not a traditional name for a member of the British Royal Family. However, choosing unusual names is fairly common within the family. Peter Phillips’ two daughters, Savannah and Isla, both have non-traditional names, and even Princess Anne’s choice of Zara came as a bit of a surprise.

No pictures of Mia Grace Tindall have been released just yet, but a spokesperson for the family has said that they are expected to release one in a few days.

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  • artemis11

    #1 – Who are these people? #2 – What are the costumes they’re wearing?

  • chinzt

    Game for a laugh.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion and experience with us. Since your blog has great content that’s relevant to us, we would like to baby name Mike for boy and Zara for a girl. Both names are good and too sounding. Best of both worlds for us.

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