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Falklands Protest Group threaten to disrupt Princess Anne’s Argentina visit

Princess Anne will be the first senior royal to make a visit to Argentina in nearly 15 years and yet her most recent visit, as a part of an International Olympic Committee (IOC) team, is surrounded by threats and violence.

The same left wing group who burned an effigy of Prince William to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands War and who attacked a British owned bank, have threatened to disrupt proceedings in order to send a message to the Princess Royal and to the British Parliament.


The Princess Royal will attend the opening ceremony of the 125th session tonight at the Teatro Colón (Columbus Theatre) in Buenos Aires and then embark on the rest of her five day visit where the agenda includes, selecting a new olympic sport, the selection of the 2020 Olympics host and the selection of a new IOC President to replace the outgoing Jacques Rogue.

This latest planned disruption marks the ongoing growing diplomatic divide beween Britain and Argentina over the sovereignity of the Falkland Islands. Only recently did Argentina receive a boost when the Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Spain would fully support the Argentinian cause.

In March a referendum was held on the Falkland Islands where 99.8% of the islanders voted to remain British. Just three unidentified islanders voted to end British sovereignity just thirty years after the Falklands conflict.

A spokesperson for the Princess Royal said “We never comment on security”.

photo credit: WorldSkills via photopin cc

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