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Autumn Phillips opens up about becoming part of the Royal Family

The 38-year-old Canadian Autumn Phillips, the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s eldest grandson Peter Phillips, has opened up about joining the Royal Family.

In an interview with the Canadian television station CBC, Autumn along with Peter spoke to chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge.

Autumn divulged that despite marrying into Britain’s most famous family she still is Canadian deep down.

“I definitely have some Canadianisms that I bring to the table,

“Well, I’ve never dropped the word ‘eh.’ That’s still at the end of my sentence, replacing the question mark.” She added on that both of her children who were born in Britain have a problem with how she pronounces “tomato”.

Her children are not the only ones who notice her Canadianisms, Peter Phillips noted that his grandfather, Prince Philip is “very quick” to point them out.

Since her wedding which took place at Windsor Castle in 2008, Autumn has gotten used to people asking her about what the Royal Family is like. Mostly her friends from her birthplace, Montreal although over time she said: “I think they got bored with it”.

While in the french speaking city of Montreal, she attended McGill University, however, she not speaks with a light British accent.

Autumn’s biggest surprise about the Royal Family is just how normal they are.

“They’re just a family, they’re happy, they have great relationships with each other — they’re very close.”

She added on that Queen Elizabeth “knows more about Canada than I ever will.”

Peter Phillps, son of Princess Anne, is also keeping very busy this weekend as he is planning The Queen’s Patron Lunch which will take place this Sunday in honour of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday and the charities she is patron of. The lunch will serve 10,000 guests with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and other family members expected to join The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.


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