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A whiskey draw for Princess Anne

Princess Anne drew the very first bottle of spirit from Scotland’s newest distillery last Friday when she officially opened the plant on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

The Princess Royal met members of staff at Ardnamurchan Distillery and was was extremely interested to learn more about the “environmentally friendly” way in which the plant will operate.

The first of its kind, the distillery in Glenbeg will be the first distillery in Scotland in which locally sourced woodchip heats the entire plant.

This new distillery will also boost tourism with up to 14,000 people expected to visit each year. This will provide a welcome boost to the remote Scottish community.

The new distillery forms part of Adelphi Distillery Ltd. Its chairman, Keith Falconer, said they were “delighted” the princess agreed to open the new facility and that the weather had been perfect for the opening event.

He said: “Princess Anne took the time to talk to everybody involved in the process and those from the distillery industry. She was very well briefed and very knowledgeable about distilling and the industry and she asked lots of very informed questions.”

Mr Falconer explained that the Queen’s daughter was invited to draw the first bottle of spirit produced at the plant and was delighted to be presented with the bottle, which had been pre-labelled and packaged.

Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle via photopin cc

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